Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast

Building A Merch By Amazon Business & Escaping An 80hr Work Week with RJ Macalanda


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Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Why Merch by Amazon is a great business model for beginners
  • Outsourcing and playing to your strengths from day one!
  • The Power of bootstrapping to get ahead.

Podcast Episode Overview

  • Intro to RJ - An avid fisherman, marathon runner & digital nomad entrepreneur.

  • Moving from life as an overworked Insurance broker working 80hours per week 7 days corporate employee to kick starting his digital nomad career.
  • How a simple Google Search Kick Started the inspiration to build a location independent business for RJ. 

  • How you can use Amazon as a Print on Demand Service using
  • Why Merch by Amazon is the perfect business model for budget strapped Entrepreneurs 

  • Outsourcing and playing to your strengths from day one!
  • 18:26 - Getting into optimising Merch By Amazon listings
  • 19:10 - Merch by Amazon vs FBA
  • 23:14 - How Does RJ Find His designs and design ideas for Merch by Amazon?
  • 32:25 - Going all in on your business idea to make it pay off
  • 33:30 - Are you able to do this? Bootstrapping and hunker down!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode.

Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast rj ep17