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Recommended Online Marketing Tools

Building an online business involves many moving parts. On this page I have listed some of the tools that are essential for any freelancer or online business owner. 

Imagine a carpenter or mechanic landing to a job with no tools. Do you think they might struggle?

It’s the same for an online business. While all you need is a website & an offer that converts to make a viable business, automation and tools make the job easier & more efficient. 

Online Business Software

I moved all my websites to WPX in 2019 from Siteground.
The support is so good! Including malware scans and removals – something Siteground no longer offer. 
I highly recommend WPX for your WordPress hosting

Siteground is what i used to power all my WordPress websites prior to WPX and I still use it for some affiliate websites.  Their servers are optimised for WordPress, hosted on full SSD hardware, They also offer free SSL certificate, built in Cloudflare integration and excellent tech support. 

You can also buy your domains in Siteground, saving you the need to link from an external source. 

Click Funnels is a modern shopping cart that allows business owners to create beautiful sales pages & sales funnels without the need for a developer. It also allows you to create a restricted member areas in minutes. Great if you’re getting started with selling your own products and need a one stop solution.

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to domain name providers, but I have never had any issues with GoDaddy in the many years I have used them. Easy, fast reliable. Only for domains, not for hosting!

SEO Tools

SemRush is another top choice for your SEO toolkit. Providing an easy to use platform with exceptional capabilities for keyword analysis and reverse engineering competitors sites, it is certainly one to have!

Free Tools To Help With Productivity

Graphics are very important these days but not everyone is a designer and it can be challenging to create beautiful images. But with Canva it’s relatively easy to do plus the tool is 100% free. Perfect if you are just getting started with blog graphics.
The free analytics tool from Google is still one of the best out there, get all the stats from your users from their origin to their country to where your sales come from. The live stats module is also particularly useful when doing content promotion.
Asana is the one place where our team collects, executes, brainstorms and store all their work. It’s an incredibly powerful tool with many integrations. If you are looking to get your work organised, give it a try!
If you have a team or Freelancers working for you, communication is the key to high quality work. Slack is the one chatroom where you can plug all the apps you use for optimal efficiency.
Take notes, capture web pages, capture images, organise your notes and access them from anywhere for free. There is a reason why Evernote is worth more than the New York Times itself.
Drip is one of the best email marketing softwares on the market and with its constant upgrades, fair pricing and solid resources it makes it a perfect choice for marketers.

Website Optimisation

Google apps has helped every guest so far on this podcast to run their business and it is something I use on a daily basis. It is hard to imagine.
Facebook ads can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing. You could hire an agency or look to Adespress!. The platform makes Facebook advertising super easy and you should really take their free trial if you’re doing Facebook ads and not sure what your up to in there!

Outreach & Linkbuilding

If you are looking to build links to yoru site, it can be a tedious process. With Hunter.io you can access a huge database of emails that you can search for via Chrome extension, their website or Google spreadsheets. to help make the process easier!

Outsourcing & Hiring Help!

I have been using Upwork for years to hire freelancers and agencies for a variey of tasks. It is still my go-to for content & website help.
I really think they should change the name to Fifty these days! I have used Fiverr for years for a variety of services from quick WP fixes when i was pulling my hair out to the podcast intro and graphics on this podcast. I have found some solid freelancers on Fiverr, but almost all charge +$30 for work.

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