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Best Cold Email Outreach Software

Best Cold Email Outreach Software

There are a lot of different cold email outreach software solutions out there, and it can be tough to decide which is the best cold email outreach software that fits your business needs.

We will compare 10 of the best options available and help you decide which one is right for you. We will look at features, benefits, value for money, and most importantly, how effective each solution is at generating revenue for your businesses. 

So whether you are looking for a new way to generate leads or increase sales, read on to find out which cold email outreach software is best for you!

What are the best cold email outreach software

These 10 softwares can help you to send targeted emails with ease, and they’re all great options!

1. Mailshake.

Best of the best email outreach ($44/month)


Mailshake is the perfect tool for automated prospecting outreach via email, social media, and phone, making it easy to turn cold prospects into warm leads.

Milkshake’s AI-powered email writer solutions are perfect for sending cold outreach emails at scale. Automate the process of connecting with potential clients, scheduling meetings and generating sales from one dashboard!

Top Benefits

  • Automate Cold Email Outreach Sequences.
  • Quick and easy Integration to your existing email provider, CRM, or other tools.
  • Detailed performance reports which emails send are opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Personalized messages via email, social media and phone.
  • Easily integration to linkedin and other social media.
  • Availability of proven cold email templates.


Mailshake Pricing

Email Outreach ($ 44/user/month-billed yearly):

Any email provider, Email warm-up, Personalization, supported by AI email writing SHAKESpeare, 5K recipients  to A/B testing.

Sales Engagement ($ 75/user/month-billed yearly): 

All features on Email Outreach Plan plus phone dialler (inc.unlimited dialer minutes in North America), social selling, customization tasks, 10K recipients.

You can ask for the customization plan, for the price, contact them.

Wrap up

Mailshake, the most complete and easy-to-use, is the best cold email outreach software. You can reach out to your dream clients, get more sales and see your business growth!.

2. HubSpot.

Best Integration with CRM and CMS ($45/month)

Hubspot is the perfect tool for growing your traffic and leads through effective cold email outreach. With powerful features like personalized templates and detailed tracking, Hubspot makes it easy to create high-quality campaigns that will help you achieve your business goals. 

Top Benefits

  • Click, Drag and drop for cold email creation, user-friendly tools.
  • Various sequence email templates for any scenario.
  • Realtime tracking notification when your prospects open the email or click  the URL inside the messages.
  • Detail performance report of cold email that you send.
  • Quick integration with other Hubspot CRM solutions (Marketing, Customer Service, Operations and CMS) – bundle solutions.


Save 10% for annual payment.

Free: $0/user/month. 

Limited features like live chat, basic bot, email scheduling, email tracking etc.

Starter: $45/month/2 users – annual payment. 

Includes removing hubspot masking in Free Plan plus payment / stripe integration, conversation routing and more.

Professional: $450/month /5 users – annual payment. 

Starter plan plus sales analytics, teams, sales automation, record customization, forecasting, custom reporting, and personalized outreach scale.

Enterprise: $1,200/year/10 users – annual payment. 

Professional plan plus custom objects, hierarchical teams, advance permissions, and more.

Wrap up

Hubspot knows you work hard to grow your business so Hubspot created a cold email software that will help streamline outreach, connect with prospects and track performance. This way all of the information is in one place for maximum sales productivity!

3. Saleshandy.

Best Customer Support ($9/month)


Saleshandy offers customizable tools to design personalized cold email campaigns and automated follow-ups, so you can get more done in less time. Saleshandy provides unlimited email tracking that will show how many people are opening your message or engaging with it.

Top Benefits

  • User-friendly when creating email sequence and auto follow up email.
  • Various custom email personalization, could be set by name,  job title, company name, city etc.
  • Easy to integrate with gmail individual email.
  • Support to find email addresses from LinkedIn.
  • Customer support saleshandy not just technical solver but also as consultant on email strategy to boost the campaign conversion.


Saleshandy Pricing


Email template up to 5 only, Email scheduling, and Activity tracking only 15 records.

Regular: $9/user/month – annual payment.

Free plan plus performance report, campaign sending limit (200),unlimited email template and more.

Plus: $22/user/month – annual payment.

Regular plan plus unlimited campaign sending limit, mail merge, email sequence on gmail and more.

Enterprise: $49/user/month – annual payment.

Plus plan for a high email campaign supported by a dedicated Account Manager.

Wrap up

Saleshandy cold email software helps the sales team to convert more leads into customers. Personalize your outreach and make sure you are reaching out in a way that will get people’s attention, so they’ll reply back or do any click to action. 

4. Right Inbox.

Best for email integration with Gmail Account ($4.95/month)

Your Gmail performance increases with Rightinbox. Set schedule cold email outreach in advance so that they are always sent at the perfect time. 

This Gmail extension also has automation capabilities and allows users to track their email campaigns with ease!

Top Benefits

  • Quick and easy the installation of Rightinbox on chrome, safari, and firefox.
  • Work on google workspace.
  • Easy setting for tracking open and clicking URL on messages in the email you send.
  • Various templates from cold email, set meeting/ demo, link building, brand pitch, etc.
  • Email sequence settings are very user-friendly, just click and type the email scenario.


Rightinbox Pricing

Pricing of Righinbox divided into individual (professional) and team. Team plan saving $1 / month / user than the professional plan.

Free: $0/month. 

Limited only for 10 emails (sending) & 5 emails (tracking). Sequences not included. Reminders and private notes are limited. 

Yearly: $5.95/month 

For professionals and $4.95/user/month for teams. Unlimited for all features.

Monthly: $7.95/month 

For professionals and $6.95/user/month for teams. Unlimited for all features.

Wrap up

Rightinbox can quickly and easily personalize your emails and send them out with just a few clicks. This is an essential cold email software for anyone who uses Gmail to be more productive and successful in their professional life.

5. Yesware.

Best for meeting scheduling ($15/month)


Yesware is the ultimate extension for your Gmail and outlook email. It offers automation features that allow you to schedule follow-ups and email sequences in advance, as well as powerful tracking features. 

With its built-in meeting scheduler, you can easily send your contacts a link and let them pick a time to meet with you.

Top Benefits

  • Track email outreach activity. 
  • Rapidly test what does and doesn’t work. 
  • Share it all with your team to drive better results, faster.
  • Easily integrate with other applications such as linkedIn,Salesforce,zoom,teams etc.
  • Know when recipients read your emails, click on links, or view attachments


Yesware Pricing

Pro: $15/month – annual payment.

For Individual & Small Medium Business. Un-remove Yesware branding. Core features open.

Premium: $35/month – annual payment. 

Pro plan plus linkedin sales navigator & inmail integration, team features, Zoom integration, and more.

Enterprise: $65/month – annual payment.

Premium plus Salesforce integration, Email CRM sync, and more.

Wrap up

Get the most out of your email outreach software by Yesware. Schedule automated emails, manual emails, call touches, LinkedIn mails, custom touches to follow-up thoughtfully and setting flexible calendar meetings with prospects. 

6. Reply.

Best for small sales team ($70/month)

Reply is the perfect solution for any business that needs to grow their customer base. It’s an automation platform which helps you scale outreach, acquire new clients and generate more leads.

The software also has features like email validation, as well as warm-up email campaigns before sending out cold emails at large volumes.

Top Benefits

  • Support A/B test messages 
  • It integrates with linkedin for finding email addresses of potential customers.
  • Reach your prospects on their preferred communication channels.
  • Supported by AI quality scoring when create cold email
  • Easily integrate with many CRM tools


Individual: Includes all core features and:

  • $70/user/month for 1,000 contacts/month
  • $90/user/month for 3,000 contacts/month
  • $120/user/month for unlimited contacts/month

Business: Includes all core features plus customer success service.

  • $70/user/month for unlimited contacts minimum 3 users.
  • $60/user/month for unlimited contacts minimum 5 users.
  • $50/user/month for unlimited contacts minimum 10 users.


Pricing available by contacting sales.

Wrap up

Reply is not just ordinary email outreach software, but it’s a multi-channel platform , they can reach prospects via call, text message or whatsapp if they have given permission. Reply uses artificial intelligence so you don’t need limits on what channels are used for contacting someone.

7. Outreach.

Best for Analysis Large Data Prospects (Price Ask Outreach Team)

There are a lot of features in Outreach that aren’t great for individual and smaller teams. Their cold email software analytics seem overkill on larger sales teams.

Top Benefits

  • Supported by AI driven insight
  • Utilizing Proven playbooks and messaging
  • Deal Acceleration tools standardize best practices of sales in an organization who use Outreach software.
  • Buyer Sentiment Analysis tools define how your buyers react to each sales activity. 
  • Help sales to ​​get relevant content they need to nail every prospect’s interaction.


The pricing is confidential so you must contact the Outreach team with your inquiry about their services.

Wrap up

By using AI, Outreach has been able to analyze a huge amount of cold email data and make recommendations for what actions sales reps should take after the initial email send. 

This level of detail and accuracy made Outreach the best choice for email outreach software for large organizations.

8. SalesLoft.

Best cold email for huge prospects data (Price Ask SalesLoft Team)

Salesloft is the solution for salespeople to connect with prospects faster and more often across email, phone, social media, and more. It’s a data-driven and automated multi-channel approach to efficient sales prospecting, helps sales quickly understand what works and what doesn’t.

Top Benefits

  • Use personalization to make every interaction feel unique with your prospects.
  • Customized for each prospect based on their deal stage, job role and more.
  • All calls and messages from prospects are logged, synced with Salesloft in no time at all!
  • Tracking every click, response and view of your emails.
  • Easy to schedule any event with just the click of one button.


The pricing is confidential so you must contact the SalesLoft team with your inquiry about their services.

Wrap up

Salesloft is the one stop shop for all your digital selling needs. From communicating with buyers to getting the coaching and insights you need to win, they have everything you need in one place.

9. Lemlist.

Best email warm-up ($29/month)

Lemlist offers a wide range of cold email services, they have solutions that will help avoid the junk mail folder, which means less time sorting through saved messages from prospects who never open their emails or link leads that aren’t clicked on! 

Plus they can personalize everything with images as well so every message stands out more than ever before.

Top Benefits

  • 1-click integration with any email provider
  • Easy integration with CRM tools 
  • Can call prospects directly from Lemlist
  • Easy integration to many favorit business application
  • Provide many proven cold email templates


Email warm-up: $29/month. 

Incl.auto email warm-up (lemwarm).

Email outreach: $59/user/month. 

Email warm-up plus team capabilities, cold email campaign features, personalization, and integrations.

Sales engagement: $99/user/month. 

Email outreach plus Aircoil integration, social selling, dynamic landing pages, and more.

Wrap up

Lemlist is an email outreach software that helps you reach out to prospects via email and get them interested in your product or service. It’s easy-to-use to add personalized images of your products or services directly into the email!

10. Woodpecker.

Best for bypassing spam email filters ($32/month)

Woodpecker is a Cold Email Outreach Tool with Auto-Sequences that are Personalized and Stand Out. The focus of this program lies in bypassing spam filters, detecting duplicates or blacklist emails so you can keep your cold email on top!

Top Benefits

  • No fixed plan, you can customize plans to fit with your business.
  • Customize features to add based on your needs
  • The extra feature available on free trial
  • Free email list verification and validation
  • Easy Integration with any email provider


Start US$ 32/user/month – annual payment. Up to 50 new people contacted daily.

Wrap up

Woodpecker can help you find new customers, leads, and sales. Bypassing spam filters on inbox prospects made Woodpecker stand-out from other cold email software, and they provide a free trial without any credit card!

What Is the Best Cold Email Outreach software? 

Cold email software is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. Email outreach software can help you track the performance of your cold emails. By tracking the performance, you can determine which cold email campaigns are converting into sales and leads. And you can adjust your strategy accordingly!


We’ve compared 10 of the most popular cold email software solutions to help you make an informed decision. They offer unique features and benefits, you have to consider what is most important for your business. 

The best cold email outreach software is a powerful tool to generate revenue for your business growth!.

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