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best blogging courses

Best Blogging Courses

While the concept of blogging has been around for many years now, and with so many blogs online it can be difficult to grow your own from scratch or further develop it to the next level. If you are considering blogging as a career, or simply as a side hustle or hobby, there are many online training courses that focus on growing a successful blog. 

These courses are run by experts, who have large blogs of their own, and have made them into full time businesses. Now, these experts are wanting to share their wisdom on what to do (and what not to do) to become a blogging sensation.  But with so many courses available, it can be difficult to choose one to sign up for. Do not worry, we have done the leg work for you. Keep reading to see our top 9 blogging courses in 2021.

Authority Hacker was founded by Gael Breton and Mark Webster in 2014 after realizing there was a gap in the internet marketing world between tactics that actually worked and people in the real world trying to learn the skills to create online businesses. With Authority Hacker, they cut through all the noise and show you what actually works.

The Authority Site System is their main starter program where you join them as they start building a brand new authority site from scratch.

They walk you through every step from niche selection to site build to content creation to link building. Everything is broken down into simple steps you follow, even if you have no online marketing experience.

It’s the true start to finish guide where you will learn how to start and grow a brand new authority site.

The plan cost only $997, One off payment, no hidden recurring fees.

The Blog by Number course includes blog templates to help you get started, as well as information on analytics and plugs ins that allow you to get the best out of your brand. The course itself costs $97, while there is an $18 eBook also for sale. Want to learn even more? There is a bundle option costing $197 that includes the original blog by numbers course, in addition to 2 other great courses, 4 coaching call replays, easy keyword research and 200 stock images that you can use on your site. This package is one of the more affordable options on our list.

The Build Blog Freedom Fast Track course is a ten-week course that helps you develop the initial idea for your blog, information on how to set it up and market it, and how to build more traffic to it. 

The subscription package also includes two bonus courses on affiliate marketing and SEO content, has downloadable videos and gives you access to a private Facebook group full of hints and tips. The course costs $597, or this can be split up into 7 monthly payments of $97.

Created by expert blogger Ryan Robertson, this in-depth course offers over 8 hours of video lectures, plus an additional 6 hours of interviews with other top bloggers asking for their own hints and tips. It also comes with written content which covers everything from how to start up your blog, creating engaging content and how to generate an income from your blog. 

Built to blog also includes some great basic blogging templates to help you get started. All this for a one-time fee of $297. This payment can also be taken as a two-month plan costing $175 per month.

The Blog Village is a unique online learning experience as it is not simply just an online course. Not only does it have online courses that discuss topics such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Social Media and photography tips, it also has a variety of tools that you can access to help make blogging easier.

The village also has a blogging community, where you can discuss with like minded bloggers in forums, and an auto sizing tool which helps you post an image perfectly of a variety of social media platforms. The blog village comes with many different subscription options – from a one-time payment of $1 for setting up a blog to $9 a month for basic resources. The Plus package offers more for $29 a month while the full professional access costs $300 for the year.

This blogging course certainly wins the award for the most eye-catching name! Costing $599 or $79 per month, this ten-week blogging course starts from scratch, helping your design and build you own website, before moving on to how to develop great content and how to search engine optimize your writing. One of the advantages of this course is that you have access to an I.T. support team who are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

The first course on our list that does not cost a penny is Ryan Robinson’s Build a Blog in 7 Days. This is a great beginners blog which talks you through setting up your blog in the first place, ideas on how to create high quality content to attract readers and how to begin making money from your writing. It comes in 6 sections that are easy to access. Many of those who use this course then go on to buy Ryan’s other course that we have already detailed above.

Costing $497, Blog Traffic Blueprint is one of the pricier options on our list – but it is expensive for a reason. The sole focus of this course is to give you five different strategies that will help increase traffic to your blog site, therefore earning you money. If you follow the five strategies documented in these courses, the pay off can be great – making it well worth the money.

The List Love course by Jennifer Maker focuses on building your blog’s email list, which builds subscribers. The course goes over a variety of techniques to attract new subscribers such as the importance of freebies, promotion and how to write content that your readers want to see.

The course comes in three packages – silver ($197), gold ($247) and platinum ($297). All levels have the 9 unit course and access to a private and supportive Facebook group, while the higher levels have even more bonus content which focuses more on how to monetize your blog.

Which is the best blogging course for me?

All the blogging courses mentioned in our list have some great qualities and aspects that make them stand out. While they are all different, they all contain knowledge that will help you become a successful blogger, establishing your own brand and growing your follower base.

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