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Top 7 Email Marketing Courses in 2021

In a world where we are shopping, learning and conducting our business online more often, email marketing has never been more important to engage a client base.

Email marketing is seen to be one of the best ways to engage customers, leading to a return on investment. Understanding the basics of email marketing, marketing strategies and practices can lead to great growth in your business so it is worth looking to the experts who can teach these skills. Many experts now run courses that take you through each step on how to develop successful email marketing. But with so many courses available, it can be difficult to choose one to sign up for. Do not worry, we have done the leg work for you. Keep reading to see our top 7 email marketing courses in 2021.

Learn all about Marketing Automation with ActiveCampaign! This course teaches the fundamentals of marketing automation, from planning to executing your process.

This course includes:

  • What is Marketing Automation?
  • Why Marketing Automation?
  • How to Plan Your Process
  • The Anatomy of an Automation
  • All about ActiveCampaign Automation Builder
  • A Use Case: A Contact Journey

You’ll learn from a series of videos that explain marketing concepts clearly, and walk you through the process of building automations to fit your business. Within each lesson, you’ll find resources that will help you explore and learn more.

If you are looking for a free course to start off your learning, then the Wishpond Email Marketing Class is a great choice. The main part of the course can be completed in around an hour and covers important basics such as the type of email to use, identifying and meeting your email marketing goals and creating an email marketing strategy to help advance your career.

The course also includes great information on how to measure your success when email marketing, free workbooks and an exclusive private group for Wishpond students to share their skills. This course does not go into too much depth, as it is a shorter length, however, it is a great free course to build a good foundation to build your knowledge on.

This course was designed by experienced marketed Jeremy Robinson who has over ten years of experience educating others in eCommerce. Focusing on the MailChimp emailing platform, this course will walk you through from the very start.

Beginning with how to set up a MailChimp account in the first place, to understanding the platform, to how to create engaging email campaigns – this course teaches you everything that you need to know about MailChimp. While this course usually retails for $49.99, look out for sales, as it is often reduced to $12.99 or less, which is a great investment.

Ran by the online marketing institute, the email campaign fundamentals course teaches you both traditional and modern marketing techniques that you can blend together to form the strategy that is right for your business. The course has a variety of modules that include the four ‘Ps’ of marketing, tactics for retention, measuring your acquisition and retention objectives. 


The course duration takes as little as 30 minutes, and the institute has many other courses that complement what you learn in this one. Try this course out for free with the ten-day trial period, after which there are a number of subscription options to choose from that will suit any budget. 

The priciest course on our list by far is the Click Minded Email Marketing Course, however with their price comes excellent experience and wisdom. Taught by the email marketer in charge of Airbnb, these courses are often used by marketing experts that run and maintain the email campaigns of huge brands such as Grammarly. 

The course asks you five questions that you need to ask yourself before you begin a marketing campaign, and gives you detailed step-by-step guides on how to implement and maintain your email marketing. This course is perfect for those who already have some experience in email marketing as it discusses high-level strategy. Costing $997, this course is an investment but there is a free seven-day trial option for you to try before you make the commitment.

This course brought to you by Get Response University is a free course that covers information including email list building, elements of an effective email, designing for the highest conversion, tips for email delivery, automated emails, drip campaigns and email statistics and optimization. This course creates a good foundation for developing your own email marketing and growing your business.

The final course on our list is also free – giving you a great amount of choice if you are working on a budget. The Ecommerce Email Marketing course has an introduction and six main modules containing 38 lessons on topics ranging from growing your email list, measuring your analytics and advanced email strategies. Each of the lessons is no more than 7 minutes long, meaning that this is great for those who wish to dip into a course to learn a little at a time.

Which is the best email marketing course for me?

All the email marketing courses mentioned in our list have some great qualities and aspects that make them stand out. While they are all different, they all contain knowledge that will help you create your email marketing list, retain your customer base and grow your business. 

Courses like this can end up saving you both time and money as they teach you how to be successful while avoiding some common mistakes. No matter which course you chose, know that you are one step closer to optimizing your email marketing skills.  

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