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EP35: Tips to Grow Your Email List with Angel-Marie from Convertkit

Tips to Grow Your Email List with Angel-Marie from Convertkit

Have you ever wondered what the top bloggers, eCommerce store owners and affiliates secret weapon is?

It’s usually their ability to
? Drive Trafic
? Drive Sales
? Promote offers

On Demand!

There is an old saying in the online marketing world – ? The money’s in the list ?

This has never been more true or relevant than in 2020.

In this episode I speak with Angel-Marie who is a content creator and educator over at Convertkit.

She is an entrepreneur advocate who enjoys the art of teaching, culture, music, film and creative entities. She loves getting to know different people and their passions, helping them succeed and exploring the beauty in the online world. When Angel is not producing and hosting a webinar for the amazing creators who attend, you can find her traveling, reading a book, singing, watching a movie (and critiquing it!), or developing her own personal blog.

So WTF is Convertkit?
Convertkit is a leading Email marketing & landing page platform for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners. Their purpose is to make email easier and more robust for professional creators like you.

Who should use Convertkit?

If you have a website, blog, podcast or just about any business – you could benefit from leveraging email marketing to help grow your business, drive repeat custom, or simply to keep people updated about whatever it is you blog about!

With a ✋? New FREE PLAN (say what!?)✋ ? – it has never been easier to sign up and get started with Convertkit. Switching from other email marketing provider is also super easy so don’t sweat if you are with one of those platforms.

Podcast Talking Points :

– Intro to Angel-Marie and what she does at Convertkit

– Working remote for Convertkit

– Why email marketing is such a powerful tool for business owners & bloggers

– Why Convertkit is the GO-TO Email Marketing tool for entrepreneurs in 2020

– Tips for people looking to grow their email list 

-Making money by promoting convert kit with affiliate marketing

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