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how to build an email marketing agency 2020

EP34-Tips To Grow An eCommerce Email Marketing Agency with Daniel Budai

I help ecommerce business owners to get to the moon with email marketing. ??

Todays guest is Daniel Budai from thebudaimedia.com 

Daniel specialises in helping eCommerce store owners with email and messenger marketing and provides a ton of value in Facebook groups. I met him at Affiliate world in Barcelona in 2019 and wanted to bring him on to share his store.

I help ecommerce business owners to get to the moon with email marketing. ??

Daniel lives in Budapest, Hungary & you can connect with him on LinkedIn

In this podcast episode we discuss:

How Daniel studied Geology in Budapest and then moved into Freelancing on Upwork!

The challenges of being a copyrighter as a non-native speaker.

Scaling your clients on Upwork

Niching into eCommerce copywriting for email marketing and landing pages.

The power of email marketing to grow your business

Hiring a sales person to grow a business

Why Upwork still works for agencies!

Why email marketing is crucial for creating the best customer experience.

Building a team of individual experts vs hiring generalists.

Why you should hire Eastern European Freelancers!

Hiring staff on Linkedin.

Using Linkedin to grow your business and get leads.

Voice messaging on Linkedin

Voice messages in email or short videos – via Tony Robins!

Tips for up and coming digital nomads from Daniel 

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