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Ep33-Opening a Co-Working Space in Bansko, Bulgaria

Is Bansko The Digital Nomad HotSpot in Europe for 2020?

Todays guest is Matthias from CoWorking Bansko in Bulgaria.

Bansko is a mountain resort in Bulgaria (which is in Europe for all our International listeners), it has an amazing landscape, favorable climate for skiing and winter sports in winter and in summer there is hiking, mountain biking, camping and so much more in this rugged environment.

It has become a hot spot for digital nomads and digital nomad events with the Bansko Nomad Fest happening June 29th-July 5th in 2020 that will bring over 500 digital entrepreneurs and remote workers to the region.

Matthias is from Munich but relocated to Bansko when looking for a more favourable business setup along with a mountainous rugged environment to live in! In winter this is one of the best ski’ing resorts in the Balkan’s and in summer offers an amazing outdoor lifestyle including no mosquitos!

Podcast Topics

Why Bansko is a great place for Digital Nomads to visit in 2020 

Opening a Co-working space in Bansko while having an SEO software business

Upcoming evens in Bansko 2020.

The internet situation – 200mb fibre in the co-working space and 4g all round, perfect for running your business!

The benefits of co-living and coworking.

Learn how Mathias grew a co-working space in a remote location in the mountains!

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