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EP32 – Digital Nomad Travels in Africa with Freelance Writer Conor Walsh

Today we have another Irish Digital Nomad out in the world! I met Conor Walsh many years ago on an island in Thailand called Koh Tao when he was working in a hostel I was staying at. He saw me swinging in a hammock while working on my laptop and was interested in learning more! Following a crash course in WordPress over a few beers, he now works 100% online while traveling the world.

As a Ghostwriter his content has been published in The Guardian, BBC, Forbes and Bloomberg.

Conor runs https://nomadafrica.co/ and a the Nomad Africa Community on Facebook

You can follow his personal blog here! https://ctwalsh.com/

Podcast Topics:

Being a Digital Nomad in East Africa

How a chance meeting one day on an island in Thailand sparked the online entrepreneur flame in Conors life.

Getting started as a freelance writer & finding clients online

Moving to Bansko & Africa as a Digital Nomad

There are 30 coworking spaces in Nairobi, Kenya with many multinational digital companies there including Facebook, Google, Oracle and many more

Talking about the vibrant fun & entrepreneurship seen in Kenya

Conor left Ireland 8 years ago to travel and is still going with his adventures!

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