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Do You Need A VPN? 5 Benefits of Using A VPN

Do You Need A VPN? 5 Benefits of Using A VPN

You might have heard that everyone needs to use a VPN and that they are beneficial for many reasons. But the reality is if you don’t know much about or how they can benefit you, then you won’t be using a VPN. It’s the same with anything in life; the more you know about something and how it impacts your life, the more likely you are to include it or remove it from your life.

This post is going to run through some benefits of a VPN or virtual private network to give it its full name to help you decide if using one is right for you.

Access Geo-Blocked Sites

When you go online, your IP (internet protocol address) is visible and reveals your location. If you’re trying to access content blocked for your country or specific location, you will be denied access. However, a VPN keeps your IP address secret, meaning the website in question won’t know where you are located, thereby allowing you to bypass their geographical restrictions

Extra Protection

A VPN adds an extra layer of security to your online habits. It not only blocks your IP address, as mentioned above, but it can help to obscure your data from scammers or those looking to hack your network. If you’re worried about using sites you aren’t sure about and want to protect your location and any information you send, a VPN can add that extra layer of security you need

This can be particularly handy if you are using sites or torrents that aren’t always considered strictly legal. Whether it’s Piratebay or you’re looking for pirate bay alternatives, a VPN can cover your tracks.

Additional Privacy

Not everyone wants others to know what they are looking for on websites, what they are searching for, or even for websites to collect data on their browsing habits and activities. A VPN will encrypt all activity and ensure that everything about you is private and kept a secret for websites and others, be it hackers, combines, or anyone really.

It Can Save You Money

How often have you booked online for a rocket only to go back to it to find the price has gone up? This is common with supply and demand pricing models, a.k .a. tourist websites and flights. When you look for a certain thing, the more in demand it seems, and up the price goes. A VPN hides your online activity, meaning those cookies that tell a company people are interested in this product or service. With all your activity hidden, you don’t pay more for what you want, as there is no tracking of your actions. Sometimes, you might be able to access other proxies of our area as your location will be hidden, meaning you can get better deals.

No Throttling

A VPN can help bypass internet throttling associated with data-heavy activities such as streaming movies or downloading files. While it can’t assist you with selective throttling or even internet speeds, your activities will be hidden again, meaning you won’t get punished by your internet service provider for what you are viewing or downloading.

There are many benefits to using a VPN for the ordinary person, businesses and organisations alike. They’re not simply used to cover a person’s tracks or hide criminal activity; everyone can benefit from a VPN when used correctly.

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