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Why You Should Outsource Your Prototype Rather Than Trying to Make It Yourself

So picture this for just a moment: you’ve got a brilliant idea, the kind that wakes you up at 3 AM with excitement. For a business of entrepreneurs, this is fairly common because you’re always brimming with ideas! If you want to truly be successful, it’s something you need to do anyway, right? Well, with that said, if you have an actual product, then the next step is to bring it to life, which means creating a prototype. 

Now, you might be tempted to roll up your sleeves and build it yourself, but let’s have a little chat about why outsourcing your prototype could be the smartest move you can make. Seriously, making your own prototype is definitely a bad idea that’s most likely not going to work. So, with that, all said, here’s why you’re far better off not DIYing this prototype idea but rather handing it off to some professionals to do for you. 

Time is More Precious Than You Think

Time is a slippery thing. One moment, you have plenty of it, and the next, deadlines are looming, and you’re wondering where it all went. So that’s why you need to understand sooner rather than later that prototyping is no small feat. Actually, it requires a meticulous approach, precision, and often a lot of trial and error. Again, there’s just so much work that goes into all of this, so you really need to think about it. 

So, by outsourcing this crucial phase, you free up your time to focus on other aspects of your project, like refining your idea, marketing, or securing funding. Besides, think of it this way: professionals can often produce a prototype faster and with higher quality, allowing you to move forward more swiftly and efficiently.

Maybe It’s for a Specific Industry 

So there’s something else to keep in mind, and sometimes, the creation of the prototype means being industry-specific- such as medical devices for example. So, carrying on with this example, creating prototypes for medical equipment is not just about getting the design right; it’s about meeting stringent regulatory standards and ensuring the highest levels of safety and functionality.

So, even if you were to create a prototype, it would still need to meet regulatory standards. Plus, are you actually an expert? Do you understand everything that would need to go into this? This is why it’s best to outsource to professional companies like Tecan. Producing prototypes is fairly complex, and complex industries are going to be even more challenging (and you need a certain level of expertise, too, that only professionals have). 

You Have to Think About Quality Control

When you’re creating a prototype yourself, especially if it’s your first time, achieving consistency and high quality can be challenging. Actually, that’s a massive understatement of how challenging it’s going to be; it’s going to be so stress-inducing! But if you outsource, you can at least expect rigorous quality control processes to be underway. You might have a great vision, but you might not have the means to make it to life, especially with the high quality it needs to be.

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