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Tips For Becoming A Successful & Happy Virtual Assistant with Danielle Demi from GrowthFocus.co

EP51- Tips For Becoming A Successful & Happy Virtual Assistant with Danielle Demi from GrowthFocus.co

We discuss becoming a VA, Tips to know your worth and the Inner Game of Success.

Hello, and welcome back. If this is your first time joining then, welcome. This podcast is for digital entrepreneurs carving out their slice of the online economy. To download my free guide on starting a business online, head over to digitalnomadcafe.com/start. 

Today’s guest is Danielle Demi from growthfocus.co. 

Danielle and her business partner Liz, run a business where they teach people how to transition from full-time employment into being a full-time freelancer and also how to start your side hustle by working as a virtual assistant. They offer a supportive environment and online modules to learn the skills necessary to start your Virtual Assistant Business.

This episode is for people who work full time and would like to transition to having their own business and becoming a freelancer. It is for freelancers who would like to get more clients and is for anyone who has a business and would like to start a side hustle at an online gig. We also touch on why freelancers in the United States, and other Western countries shouldn’t be wary or put off this career choice by virtual assistant services in less expensive countries.

We also discuss why doing the inner work and understanding who you want to work with and serve is so important. 

Topics we discuss:

  • We discussed the pros and cons of becoming a virtual assistant
  • How you can leverage your existing skills to transition into a high paying real freelance virtual assistant position.
  • The difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business manager
  • How Danielle got started working online, and how the stars aligned for her to start growthfocus.co with Liz.
  • We discuss why it is so important to know who you want to serve and who your ideal client is before you go looking for your first VA gig.
  • Why the inner work is fundamental to your success.
  • Understanding your work skills & talents and who it is that you want to work with
  • Why this will help you in the long run, to avoid working with clients who you are not aligned with, and doing work that you just do not enjoy.
  • We discuss why having a mentor when exploring making a transition like this from full-time employment to a freelancer is beneficial as it gives you accountability, a framework, and a track upon which you can follow. 

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Tips For Becoming A Successful & Happy Virtual Assistant with Danielle Demi from GrowthFocus.co

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