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Kajabi Review 2021

Do you sell content or digital products online? Do you have ideas or concepts that you want to turn into a viable product or business?

Do you tear your hair out juggling hosting, content management platforms, plugins and e-mail lists, landing and checkout pages?

Do the technical issues that arise from using separate platforms for different parts of your business leave you wanting to violently assault your computer screen?

Are you completely unsure where to start?

If any of the above sounds like you, Kajabi could be just the tool to give you back some of your sanity, help build, scale and sustain your business and prevent any bouts of extreme hardware rage!

Since its inception in 2010, this easy-to-use tool has helped online entrepreneurs  in over 120 countries create and maintain successful  online businesses.

In this article, we will explore some of the features of this all-in-one platform and help you decide whether it the right fit for your  businesses.

Lets go!

What is Kajabi?

Basically put Kajabi allows you to access your website, marketing, email, community and more all from the same dashboard.

It is a one-stop-shop for anybody  invloved or aspiring to get invloved in the knowledge commerce industry.

What are some of the features of Kajabi?


With Kajabi users can take a concept and transform it into a viable product ready for sale within minutes.

One click templates make the creation of online courses, digital products and integrated subscriptions a breeze. Even for the most technology challenged people out there.

Website Building

Kajabi removes the need to piece together the various moving parts usually required to have beautiful, fully functional and integrated website.

Anyone with previous experience of building websites will know that when things go wrong (and they inevitably do) it can be disastrous to your business and extremely stressful to fix.

If you are  building your first site, by using Kajabi you probably will never have to endure this headache in the quest for a perfect site.

Kajabi houses every part of your online business in one place. With zero background in coding or web-design you can have an awesome website up and running in no time using the integrated website builder and a library full of ready to use themes that are also fully customizable should you wish to put your own stamp on things.  


With a few quick and easy steps Kajabi links  flawlessly with Stripe and Paypal making getting paid fast, simple and secure.

How much do they charge you for this luxury?? Nothing. Which can not be said for other popular platforms out there.


The integrated analytical suite allows you to see how your customers are interacting with your business allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the future direction your business should take. 

Check out the video below for further insight.


Kajabi eliminates the need for separate email marketing software with its built in email builder.

It makes it super easy to grow your list, manage, and reach your subscribers with customizable emails. 

You will quickly see the amazing capability to really brand and create stunning emails that engage with your list, increasing click though rates and in turn your sales.


Again with the use of ready to rock templates for the most common page types that you will need, creating pages for lead generation, capture, sales, policy etc. is  a simple and stress-free process.

Again the templates here are highly customizable allowing you to tweak your pages to your liking and connect advanced features such as automated marketing campaigns, emails, offers, and products.


Kajabi offers 3 different pricing options. Basic, Growth and Pro packages, depending on the needs of your business and the depth of services required.

Is Kajabi worth the money?

While Kajabi may not be suitable for every online entrepreneur especially if you are just starting out and have a limited budget.

I think that already established business owners should definitely weigh up the cost of their current subscriptions to services, add in any headaches that are involved with the those subscriptions and all costs for future expansion plans and see how that would compare to the Kajabi price plans.

While certainly not cheap I feel with the shear amount of features included and the unique all inclusive system that makes all aspects of building, growing and maintaining a business  super simple could be worth its weight in gold.

Also for people who are sure that they could benefit what Kajabi has offer and are willing to pay their annual subscription  up front, they can avail of a 20% discount!

Below are some testimonials from some pretty heavy hitters in their respective niches. Check out what they had to say.

Does Kajabi offer a free-trial option?

Yes! You can check out Kajabi free of charge for 14 days they do however require your credit card details so if you do decide to proceed with the service your account will continue uninterupted.

If you decide that its not or you you can easily self-cancel at any time through the settings menu.

Just set a reminder for when your 14 days expires just in case.

Other worthy mentions

With your subscription comes access to the Kajabi University. An archive of hours of training videos to help you get to grips with the huge array of tools at your disposal.

Still cant figure it out? No problem. Kajabi boasts a 24/7 access to a Livechat for their Growth and Pro packages.

Basic users can also avail of the service during business days from 6am t0 5pm Pacfic time!


 Whether you are an already an established  business or just starting out on your first online venture, Kajabi offers a stress-free solution to anyone looking for a platform where they can build, manage and scale every aspect of their online business under one easy to use system.

Removes the headache of juggling multiple platorms and subscriptions.

They include excellent training for the wide range of tools available and boast a very highly rated community and customer support network so you are not left in the dark should any difficulties arise.

While not the cheapest solution out there for independent content creators.

There is no question that Kajabi delivers serious value for your money for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution for their online business.

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