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kartra review

Kartra Review – The All-In-One Online Business Solution

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Welcome to this Kartra Review, Kartra is an all in one solution for online business owners who sell courses online and want to make money online with digital products. We will look at Kartra Pricing amongst other topics in this post. Lets get started 🚀

When you are new at setting up your online presence, it becomes quite hard to manage several different features over several different tools. Connecting multiple WordPress plugins together can be a pain and cause a lot of tech headaches!

This is where a few players in the market have started to offer an all in one, fully hosted solution with checkout, members area & email built in with the online marketer in mind.

Kartra is an all-in-one cloud-based marketing software that helps in running your online business, saving you time, efforts, and money altogether.
With advanced automation and eleven different software tools, Kartra can make your life a lot easier.

What is Kartra?

Kartra allows you to design, market, and launch your business using a single platform. This includes website hosting, landing page design, email marketing, shopping cart, split testing, affiliate marketing, and much more.

This saves you from investing in other tools and hiring various teams for copywriting, system integration, web developing and designing, and more.

Kartra is specifically a great option for new marketers and small businesses. Because it does not require a high technical experience or a huge budget to run.

In this review, we plan to cover Kartra’s various features, pricing, Kartra pros, cons, and more. So you can decide whether this platform caters for all your needs or not.


What Does Kartra Cost?

For starters, paying for a single platform with all key features is better than paying for several different tools. By offering so many different tools, Kartra saves you a lot of money. 

The Kartra pricing
 is quite affordable and simple.

However, it does not offer a free trial. You can choose a 14 day trial for $1. Once satisfied with the trial version, you can select from several different packages.

Each package has its own perks according to the price. The number of leads, emails per month, and the bandwidth allotted differ with each package.

You can get the starter plan at $99, silver at $149, gold at $299, the diamond at $499, and platinum at $699.


What Features Does Kartra Offer?

It is quite hard to cover all the features that Kartra offers in a single review. Hence, we will stick to the most prominent ones. 

Kartra Page Builder

You can’t run an online business without a shining website, can you? Here’s where Kartra’s page builder comes handy. It might look like just another drag and drop web page builder. However, it has a lot more to offer with conversion focused sales and landing pages to choose from.

Built-in Templates

Kartra offers more than a hundred built-in templates for almost all kinds of pages a website needs. This includes the home page, sales page, coming soon page, squeeze page, check-out page, and error-404 page; to name a few.

Another good thing is that these pages have well-written sections so you can have a better idea of what you need to put in.

This is quite helpful if you are not a techie. If you prefer to self build, it also allows you to build everything from scratch.

Split Testing

With automated split testing and real-time analytics, Kartra will help you in making better decisions. You can test variations of your pages, funnel, colors, headlines, or anything that can be changed.

Kartra Email Marketing

With email broadcasting, tagging, sequences, and automation, Kartra helps you in building a strong email marketing strategy.

How does this work? You can simply start by adding leads manually or through a CSV file in an email list. This especially helps when you are shifting from another platform.

Email Broadcasting 

This feature helps you in sending out emails to all the leads. You can also send SMS if this is what suits your business.

Email Automation

With a built-in automation feature, you can create and send customized responses to your customers based on activities in your Kartra sales funnel.

However, this specific feature isn’t as speedy as the dedicated email marketing platforms. It might end up freezing if you add a lot of items or move things around. 

Considering that it is a part of an integrated marketing system, this can be overlooked if you can deal with the lagging.

Kartra White Label might not beat the top-ranked dedicated email marketing solutions in all aspects, however, it does in pricing. 

Built-in Shopping Cart

Kartra allows you to create products and sell them smoothly using the built-in shopping cart feature. This feature is even better than the dedicated shopping carts with its easy-to-use interface.

You can also set-up payment gateways by credit card, PayPal, trial structure, thank-you page design, product pricing, checkout, cart abandonment, etc.

Kartra Affiliate Marketing

Kartra helps in making your customers your best promoters through the affiliate marketing feature. You can screen the potential affiliates and choose them using customized questionnaires, terms, and conditions.

You can provide the affiliates with custom URLs with specific tracking codes and you can offer them a percentage off when the code is used.

Kartra allows you to analyze and view the date of your affiliates, their payout history, and the number of referrals they get.

Video Hosting

Kartra allows you to embed your videos directly on your Kartra pages. It also offers many other features including CTAs during plays, organizing the videos in folders, viewing the videos watched by any customer, detailed analytics, etc.

However, there is a storage limitation. You can only host videos according to your bandwidth. This is where Kartra cons hit. 

Does Kartra Have an App?

Yes. Kartra has an App to bring everything to your desk. If you have an online business to run, you can start right away with the Kartra Mobile App.

Kartra Pros and Cons


  • Kartra agency brings your entire client portfolio through one unified billing profile
  • Hosts your products directly on the server
  • Offers down sells, upsells, and bump offers
  • In-built and customizable templates 
  • Real-time analytics to track product sales
  • Offers trials, one-time payment, monthly payments, several packages, and Kartra bonuses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Quick to respond helpdesk


  • Purchases through PayPal redirects off the site for checkout
  • Not ideal for selling physical products, more of a digital entrepreneur solution. 


Using a lot of tools and hoping for them to work together can end up being disastrous when you are trying to build up an online business.

Kartra eliminates this issue entirely. It brings a full marketing system to the table that has the majority of the things you need to build a website and run an online business. 

You can be selling online in days with full sales funnel, cart and marketing solution. 

With a sales funnel creator, landing page builder, website hosting, marketing automation tool, email marketing software, product set-up and sales, analytics tool, Kartra covers everything to make selling online easy!

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