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EP42: Tips For Selling Memberships & Courses Using WordPress with Jonathon Denwood


Is WordPress the best place to build your online business in 2020?

Hello and welcome, today’s podcast guest is Jonathan Denwood from WP-tonic.com who is based out in Nevada in the United States. He has a lot of experience in helping people to automate and systematise their online businesses by using WordPress.

He’s a huge advocate for using WordPress as a platform for all that it’s capable of versus using some of the new all-in-one hosted solutions like Kartra or Kajabi. It’s a really interesting discussion because a lot of the internet seems to be going towards that direction. We speak to the benefits of keeping everything on WordPress and how you can automate and systemize your online business

Topics We Discuss:

– Helping people build successful online courses.

– Getting started with online courses

– WordPress vs all-in-one solutions for course creators

This episode is for you if you’re a freelancer digital nomad or aspiring online entrepreneur who’s interested in creating your own course.

It is also for you if you run your business on WordPress.

I learned a lot of new information in this episode

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