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Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with Christina Voll

EP43: Remote Working in Ecuador with Christina Voll

Remote Working in Ecuador

Hello, welcome back! If this is your first time tuning in and welcome. This is the digital nomad cafe Podcast, where we talk about online business freelancing and remote work with the idea that you can grab your own slice of the online digital economy. 

In this episode, I’m speaking with Christina Voll from www.christinavoll.com, she’s worked as a freelance social media marketer and digital marketing strategist for about six or seven years. She lives in Ecuador currently, and in this episode, we talk about how she got started as a freelancer, how she gets clients for business, living in Ecuador, and what that’s like. 

We discuss her new business which is called www.riseremotely.com, which is a resource for digital nomads where they can buy individual courses about a specific thing like proposals and pitch guides. How to collaborate matching your mindset, as well as things like one-on-one mentorship coaching with experts and people who are in certain areas, as well as live online courses. 

It was a really interesting interview, it’s quite a cool idea to have a marketplace for different types of pathways into remote work. Everybody’s experience is going to be different, the path I walk is very different from how Christina walks it and might be very different from how you’re planning on doing it. So the whole idea here is really that the freedom really comes from being able to earn your living online from your laptop.

Topics We Discuss:

Getting started as a freelancer 

Resources and Courses to enhance your Business

Maximizing the freedom of your personal Digital Nomad lifestyle 

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Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with Christina Voll

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