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EP41: Digital Nomad Travel & Business Adventures with Sam Kern

How To Make Money Online As A Software Engineer

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast I’m your host Adam Finan & todays guest is Sam Kern from the https://www.radicallydifferentpodcast.com

Sam is an advocate for remote work, digital nomading & online business and is here to talk about just that.


– Pursuing the Digital Nomad Lifestyle straight out of college.

– Moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand & living in a co-living space.

-How to create the perfect freelancer pitch

-How to stand out with your remote job proposal

– Creating the lifestyle you want by finding your tribe and those

– The importance of having skill to be a success freelancer.

-Tips when launching on a freelancer platform like Upwork/Fiverr

– Launching a podcast 

-Pros and cons of having a podcast

-Being intentional about the people you meet up with

-Launching a co-living space in Guatemala (on hold due to cov-id)

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