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Best ClickFunnels Website Examples

Best ClickFunnels Website Examples

ClickFunnels has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs to build high-quality websites and sales funnels since it began in 2014. If you are new to the platform, we recommend checking out some examples before subscribing so that your experience is best geared towards success!

Going through different examples of website builders will give you a clearer idea of what you can achieve when you become a subscriber. 

The CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Grant Cardone has created an online learning center that houses over 1,500 video courses. These provide access to business and entrepreneurship knowledge from around the world for anyone who wants it!

ClickFunnels has been used by many experts to enhance credibility, engagements and lead generation. GrantCardone uses e-commerce features that allow visitors purchase various resources through the site easily for their product offerings with a simple click of button!

The site makes use of the e-mail opt-in feature to increase communication and post-sales. Alternatively, members can sign up to receive text messages for webinar alerts. 

  • Niche: Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Estimated Revenue: $762,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 59,539
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
  1. Sales funnels
  2. Membership funnels
  3. Follow-up funnels
  4. Custom domains
  5. Integrations

SkySlope is an online platform that helps real estate agents grow their businesses. 

The SkySlope team created a custom domain through ClickFunnels – www.askty.skyslope.com. Visitors can visit numerous pages that consist of blog posts, information on products, helpful resources, and a background story on Ty.

The site has been successful in achieving their marketing goals with the help of this ‘30-day Challenge’. Visitors are then prompted to provide personal information after clicking on various pop ups, which will be used for email communication purposes later down the road!

  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 174,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
  1. 30-day challenge
  2. Webinar funnels
  3. Custom domain
  4. Page creation

Renourish is also known as PureRadiance by Dr. Sears, and it’s a hair nutritional product.

The site used unique domain name creation to make sure customers can find it when typing it into a search engine.

The site uses ClickFunnels’ unique sales funnel that increases credibility and money-back guarantee.

This sales funnel ensures that visitors understand the site and product. It’s an easy one-scroll landing page with a customized order portal for secure checkout!

  • Niche: Beauty 
  • Estimated Revenue: $103,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
  1. Sales funnels
  2. SSL secure payment transaction
  3. One Time Offer page

Pastors Rick is a site that promotes free motivational and spiritual messages for people who are struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. Using ClickFunnels sales funnels, the site reaches over 48,800 organic users every month.

The site uses one of ClickFunnels’ most basic templates and the drag-and-drop tool to create an inviting and no-clutter interface.

  • Niche: Religion and Daily Motivation
  • Estimated Revenue: $82,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 48,896
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
  1. Sales funnels
  2. E-mail marketing

FundWiseCapital is the perfect solution for small businesses that need to quickly raise funds. The landing page provides clean and simple information on how to apply, along with stock images of successful companies in similar industries who have already been able to succeed through Fundwise financing solutions!

The site uses ClickFunnels’ quiz and survey creation to segregate members into sections. Users can take a quick questionnaire online

Depending on their answers, FundWiseCapital can customize its response e-mails. Another great ClickFunnels feature is the LiveChat pop-up that prompts visitors to fill in their e-mail and requests. 

  • Niche: Finance
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
  1. Quiz and survey creation
  2. Video sales
  3. Reviews and feedback
  4. Page builder


Are you looking to improve your sales and marketing? ClickFunnels can help. With a wide variety of templates and features, there’s a funnel for any business or niche.  Ready to see how ClickFunnels can take your business to the next level? Get started today!

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