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Best Kajabi Examples

Best Kajabi Examples – Looking for inspiration for your online course?

Kajabi offers an easy-to use platform with features that help your business grow. You can create digital products, and set up membership websites for your customers.

Suppose you need some inspiration for designing your Kajabi site. In that case, we recommend that you check out this list of the 5 best Kajabi website examples.

The founder of this website is a nutritionist and physician with years of experience in the medical field. For those who visit her site, they can sign up for an E-Guide Mini-Course on proper eating habits or diet plans that she has created to help you lead healthier lives!

There’s also an option to subscribe to their email list to receive different recipes, shopping lists, and diet tips from the team.

Another one of the best Kajabi website examples is this one by the Medical Exercise Training Institute. The platform is perfect for those who want to learn how exercise can help manage chronic medical conditions.

When you’re planning on working alongside chiropractors and physical therapists in the future, this Kajabi website will give you everything that is required.

You will receive online training and consultations from Medical Exercise Specialists. There’s also the option on the website to sign up for different payment options, made using the Kajabi website builder.

This site is the perfect solution for parents who are struggling to find time in their hectic schedules, not just one day but every single night. This website offers practical tips on how you can relax even when there’s no spare moment at all!

The website has helped parents everywhere achieve a work-life-family balance, with testimonials from around the world!

Using Kajabi, the site founders were also able to create a login page and sales page for all the members and an option to subscribe to podcasts and online courses.

The niche that this Kajabi website example centers on is expressing the word of God through songwriting and music. The name The Beatitudes is actually taken from Jesus Christ’s teachings from the bible.

On the site’s home page, you’ll find the different digital products that the Beatitudes Project offers. These include a 20-track music album, book, 10-part film series, and other workbooks.

As you explore the landing pages, you’ll also learn more about the different ongoing projects. There is a post for each that contains useful information for someone just browsing through.

This Kajabi website is all about martial arts and exercise programs that cater to women. The founder is a Kickboxing expert, former athlete, and exercise scientist named Georgia.

When you open the website, information on different programs will be available to view as well a brief history of its founder.

There are also podcasts that you can subscribe to and research articles that you can read through to help you decide on your program.


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive platform that makes it easy to create and manage your digital products, Kajabi is a great option. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, you can quickly get your business online and start selling. Have you tried out Kajabi? What do you think?

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