Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast

Building A Travel Blog, Sponsored Trips & Selling Your Own Products


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Podcast Episode Overview

  • How having a blog opens opportunities & travelling South East Asia.
  • How being authentic online and documenting vs creating has helped Sheridan reach a wider audience for his website & social media.
  • What it's like managing a blog while on the road travelling.
  • How perfectionism can get in the way of your launch...
  • The importance of having good values and only working with brands that align with your values
  • Doing sponsored trips in Bali offering photography & video work in exchange for accommodation & experiences.
  • Travel blogging - Seeing the industry for what it is
  • Get in or get out! Why sometimes you have to accept the industry and either get on board with what brands look for..
  • Sheridans main takeaways for Digital Nomads:
  • Don't be a perfectionist! - Done is better than perfect.
  • Don't play catch up! Try to publish content as you go - sharing the story behind the pictures vs just the polished end result