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AuthorityLabs Review

AuthorityLabs Review – Is This the Best Blogging Course?

AuthorityLabs helps track and monitor website rankings in search engines. The cloud-based platform provides key insights to help enhance local SEO, catering primarily to small businesses or agencies who want more visibility on a global scale with minimal investment of time and resources!

Key features of AuthorityLabs include competitive analysis, domain grouping, global and local tracking, white-label keyword solutions, custom reports, import/export, mobile-rankings tracking and customizable reporting tools (Google Data Studio integration). Further, it enables users to create domain groups and monitor or track the performance of multiple sites together. The platform allows managers to give access to ranking reports to team members and eliminate the need for explaining analysis manually.

AuthorityLabs offers a module for businesses to access an application programming interface and customize features as per requirements. The product is available on a monthly subscription basis and extends training and customer support through online documentation, tutorial videos, and even customer check-in calls.

Monthly pricing by plan:

  • $49 Plus
  • $99 Pro
  • $225 Pro Plus
  • $450 Enterprise

Starting price: 

  • $49.00 per month
  • Free trial:  Available
  • Free version:  Not Available
AuthorityLabs Review
AuthorityLabs Review
AuthorityLabs Review


AuthorityLabs is the perfect tool for businesses who want to track their website ranking and get insights on how they can improve their local SEO. The platform is easy to use and provides valuable information that can help businesses grow online. If you’re looking for a reliable way to track your website’s performance in search engines, AuthorityLabs should be your go-to choice.

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