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Hey! We want to bring you the latest news and information from the amazing world of digital nomadism. Here’s what you need to know! 😎

4 Digital Nomad Visas That Lead to Permanent Residency 🗺️

If you’re looking for digital nomads that lead to permanent residency, then you’ve come to the right place. 

With over 27 digital nomad visas available, it can be overwhelming and a bit confusing about the benefits of each. Some digital nomad visas only allow you to live in the country for one year, while other digital nomad visas lead to permanent residency. Click here to keep reading!

The Best Co-Working Spaces For Digital Nomads in Spain 🇪🇸

If you’re a remote worker or freelancer thinking of making Spain your new home, you may want to find out where the coolest co-working spaces across the country are. Click here to keep reading!

Spain’s New Digital Nomad Visa ✅

A few months ago, we anticipated that the Digital Nomad Visa was about to be passed in Spain. On the 22nd of December of last year, the Startups Law (formally approved as Law 28/2022) finally came into force, bringing with it a new type of residence permit. Click here to keep reading!

New Data Reveals Europe’s TOP 5 Cities For Digital Nomads 🧑‍💻 

The largest metasearch engine for vacation rentals on the Internet, HomeToGo, has created a list of the best places in Europe to work remotely.

The list categorizes more than 150 cities across Europe and takes into account key factors such as Internet speed, tourist attractions, daylight hours, hotel prices for vacation rentals, and the number of coworking spaces available. Click here to keep reading.

5 Important Visa Updates You May Have Missed 🌴

Students, enthusiastic travelers, and ambitious young professionals—these three seemingly disconnected categories of people have one major commonality. Visa woes. Irrespective of why you’re traveling abroad, worries about getting a visa reign supreme in your mind.

With long wait times, new rules, and fresh updates from various countries, it can get hard to stay on track. Here are five of the most important visa updates from around the world that you should know about. Click here to keep reading!

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