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If you’re struggling to get your message out to as many people as possible in a cost effective way or you want to double your conversion rates – we’ve got Paul Ace from themessengerbotguy.com giving some great advice on how to use Facebook messenger bots the RIGHT way.

Give this one a listen and get ready to step up your Facebook Messenger marketing game!


  • 1:43 Intro to Paul Ace – He specializes in turning conversations into customers, doubling conversions and automating business through messenger marketing and conversational commerce
  • 2:35 From wedding singing to selling bridesmaid dresses! The work that led to crazy messenger bot results…
  • 4:59 – 7:23 Building an awesome messenger bot experience.
  • 8:26 Messenger Bots: What are they, how do they work, and why should you care?
  • 11:12 – 18:19 Effective lead magnet ideas and examples to convert visitors into leads.
  • 19:25 What’s the best way to quickly get targeted users into your bot?
  • 25:29 How to feel more successful using micro commitments?
  • 28:06 Proven tips for framing your message and presenting ideas effectively.
  • 31:38 Unique ways to use Facebook to grow your business.
  • 39:24 Tips for creating a long-term strategic plan.
    Join Paul’s latest Messenger Quest here
    –  bit.ly/startmyquest

    Tools Mentioned in this episode:
  • ManyChat (to build the Messenger bots
  • ClickFunnels (To build a sales funnel)
  • Convertkit for Email Marketing

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