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EP 25 – Shaping The Future Of Remote Work with Iwo Szapar

Remote-How.com helps companies adopt a remote work offering for the modern world

Welcome to the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast, todays guest is Iwo Szapar from Remote-How.com

Iwo Szapar helps companies, individuals and employees to go remote! Based in Poland, but an avid traveller, Iwo and his partner started Remote-How around two years ago. They have since collaborated with some of the biggest companies in the world to help promote the remote work movement. Organiser of the worlds largest Virtual Summit for remote workers and companies, we dig in to how this all started and the tips, strategies and tools used to accelerate to where it is today!

Learn More About Remote-How:

Remote-how is the first global platform empowering the growth of a remote work community.

We are the makers of:1.
? Remote-how Academy: the first education and certification program about remote work
? http://academy.remote-how.com ?

2. ? Remote Future Summit: the biggest virtual event about remote work
? http://remote-future.com ?

3. ?‍?Remote Job Fair: the place where top remote candidates meet best companies remotely
? https://remote-future.com/remote-fulltime-job/ ?

4. ?Global Work From Home Day: the day when the whole world works remotely
? https://www.workfromhomeday.org

Iwo Szapar -Remote Work - Digital Nomad

Podcast Timestamps & Topics

3:50 – Remote Work Academy Explained – Skills necessary for remote work manager. Certified in distributed management.

7:05 – Empowering individuals and companies to go remote – without making the common mistakes!

8:15 – The most important factor for remote workers is Trust.

11:30 – The key to Work Life-Blend vs Work Life-Balance is asynchronous communication!

15:50 – Culture fit is key for finding a remote job & getting hired as a remote employee.

16:45 – landing remote jobs is competitive! Step up & stand out in your applications.

17:40 – Tips for landing a remote job. Think of it like a sales process.

20:00 – Building an online presence to stand out. People who have a blog, website, podcast stand out to companies hiring remote.

23:00 – Starting Remote-How & The Remote Future Summit.

23:30 – How Iwo gained traction via Linkedin in 18 months

26 – Building Relationships via personalised outreach to land co-marketing partners like Microsoft, Asana, Dribble, Doist,

27:45 – Guest Posting to build traction & how monitoring Haro (help a reporter out) every day landed a blog post on the American Express Blog!

33:30 – Mentors & Coaches Iwo’s dad taught him about how to run a business and he is always trying to connect with people more experienced. Listen, work with them and learn form their mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

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