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EP27 – Traveling The World As A Full-Time Housesitter While Working Remote

Angela Laws – Community Manager at TrustedHousesitters.com is joining us today with some great advice on how to secure housesitting stays across the world as well as how to create an engaged community for your brand. Trustedhousesitters operates in over 130 countries and has hundreds of housesits available for a small yearly fee. ?Podcast Listeners get a TrustedHousesitters Discount using code angelapodcast10 ? Give this one a listen and get inspired to travel the world while looking after some amazing pets ?


  • The mission and values of Trustedhousesitters
  • Why remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads are perfect candidates for using a service like TrustedHousesitters.
  • Angela’s tips and advice to create your profile as a house sitter that will help you land amazing stays.
  • Why taking care of pets is a great way to help stay focused at work and break up your day, not to mention all the dopamine from pet cuddles!
  • Financial benefits of housesitting for digital nomads – You actually pay a small membership fee and housesits are free & unlimited once secured.
  • Angela advises to start locally and choose what is the right experience for you, allowing you to build up your profile with some reviews before traveling out of country or long distances. Kind of like freelancing!
  • How surveying the members and the owners helps to build a hugely successful community with Facebook groups and Instagram contributing to the success of TrustedHousesitters membership community
  • The importance of social interaction and meetups to help brands grow and engage with community members
  • Working closely with bloggers and influencers to create more brand awareness in 2020
  • How growing brand ambassadors can be beneficial for your business
  • How to connect with Angela!housesitting-tips-2020
housesitting tips 2020

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