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Hey! Like every week, we want to bring you the latest news and information from the amazing world of digital nomadism. Here’s what you need to know! 😎

Want to move to Italy? These are the jobs that are most likely to get you a work permit in 2023 🇮🇹

Always dreamed of moving to Italy? With its sun-soaked coastline and a laidback lifestyle, the Mediterranean country is an alluring place to become an expat. But moving there permanently can mean mountains of paperwork and months of unexplained delays.

Each year, the Italian government offers a glimmer of hope when it announces how many works permits it will grant to non-EU citizens. Click here to keep reading!

Digital nomads increased 131% from 2019. Will the trend prevail in a tough economy? 🗺️

Late in 2022, Airbnb unveiled a new digital nomad policy allowing employees to work temporarily in more than 170 countries. Citing a belief that flexible and remote work will continue gaining traction, CEO Brian Chesky said the policy will enable the company to recruit top talent from all over the world. Click here to keep reading!

Why this South American country is perfect for digital nomads ✅

If anyone seems to have their finger on the pulse of up-and-coming destinations, it’s digital nomads. Always looking for the next best place to check out, this group seems to be constantly in the know of countries for remote working. Click here to keep reading!

Spain’s new digital nomad visa for expats has a low tax rate but conditions are ‘demanding’ 🇪🇸

Spain is one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations and many Britons would love the chance to make a more permanent move. An expert team explained how Spain’s digital nomad visa works. Click here to keep reading!

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