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The 5 Best Kajabi Alternatives

Top 5 Kajabi Alternatives

Kajabi is an amazing tool for creators looking to launch their course-based business. However, it’s not perfect so in this post, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives that may be worth considering when building your next online course!

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Teachable is one of the most affordable and simple teaching platforms on the market. It doesn’t have all those extra features such as integrated email or complex marketing tools that Kajabi specializes in providing for their customers – but if simplicity matters to your business then Teachable will be perfect!

Now, it should be said that a lot of instructors start off on Teachable for their early online courses and tend to upgrade to Kajabi once they are successful. This is because Teachable isn’t as comprehensive.

Choosing Teachable means managing more services in different places, but it’s still cheaper and simpler to use than Kajabi. However, it’s definitely not the best of the alternatives.

Mighty Networks is a one-stop platform for your community’s needs. It’s an all-in wonder that brings online courses, events, and more right under your brand with beautiful apps available on both web browsers as well as smart devices!

As far as course functionality, Mighty Networks does everything Kajabi does and more, adding live streaming and vibrant community functions that lets you create subgroups that you can even charge for. With a Mighty Network, you can even start simple and scale to bundles of online courses, paid memberships, groups, events, and more.

Mighty Networks provide deep engagement without any loss in performance or capabilities thanks to their powerful yet simple approach – this means better results faster growth across all campaigns!

And did we mention that Mighty Networks is way cheaper? Since it does all the same things and more for a much lower price, it’s the best alternative out there.

Udemy is an excellent option for those who are looking to build a course and sell it online. They provide many of the same features we discussed above, but also have made things easier by allowing you to enroll in multiple courses at once!

Udemy offers a booming marketplace for your online courses, where they can be found and accessed by many potential customers. The site also allows users to leave reviews which will help increase course visibility; its easy-to-use software makes navigating through all of these features simple!

Unfortunately, Udemy still runs into some similar problems as some of the other Kajabi alternatives. For one, Udemy relies heavily on the use of third-party integrations. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, it’s great to be able to use your pre-existing systems on a new platform, but it becomes very costly as your business grows.

Podia is an interesting alternative to Kajabi because they’ve built a platform that allows for online courses, memberships, and digital projects. It has some similarities to the all-in-one model of Mighty Networks, but they rely heavily on integrations for their platform instead of native features.

Podia offers a simple way to create, offer and manage online courses. You can sell memberships or downloads as well as webinars on one platform which is easy for customers because they have all the information needed right there in front of them! Also, the support team will help you through any issues that arise so your business isn’t stressed out at night trying to figure things out by yourself.

One key issue that Podia faces is its limited community features. While they do offer community building features, they are largely relegated to your individual products.

On Skillshare, you can create online courses, promote them, and grow your audience thanks to the platform’s large pre-existing user base. For some, the pre-recorded nature of Skillshare courses will be more approachable than having to teach “live,” but it’s also less-dynamic experience for your students that way.

Their platform has become popular in part because they’ve been able to attract a wide range of creators to build content, from podcasters to marketers, and painters to programmers. This is enticing for people wanting to learn new skills and an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into.

The marketplace format is a double-edged sword for creators and entrepreneurs. For some people, the platform will bring traffic and viewers. But a huge course base also means that you’re competing, and many courses are forgotten because of how competitive the platform is. You’re also totally at their mercy. If they change the algorithm, your course could lose all its traffic.

It’s tough to get the numbers of viewers to make money on the platform. You need to have minimum watch time before you can get paid. And even if you monetize, only a few creators will ever earn what their course would be worth on their own platform.


We hope this article has helped highlight some of the alternatives to Kajabi. What’s important for you to remember is that there are many great options available, so find the platform and community that fits you best and go make your online course!

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