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5 Best Teachable Examples

5 Best Teachable Examples

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Teachable is the perfect platform for beginners and experts alike. The whole point of Teachable is so that you can quickly get started on your online business, and create content -but before diving in headfirst (and risking getting stuck), we recommend looking at some course examples to see what kind of thing might work best with our audience!

If you are looking to start a course, it’s important that your site is structured in the same way as other successful courses. Keep reading this post for some great examples of Teachable sales pages and online courses!

Swordschool has chosen Teachable as the platform to offer their online martial arts courses. Teachable provides the necessary tools and features to create a comprehensive and user-friendly learning experience for students.

By leveraging Teachable, Swordschool has successfully overcome the challenge of physically demonstrating skills and moves through written words or video form. They have designed their courses in a way that effectively imparts all the essential knowledge and techniques required for any type of karate class, ensuring that students can learn and progress without the need to leave their homes.

Swordschool’s sales page on Teachable is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. The prominent enrollment button serves as a straightforward call-to-action, allowing interested students to easily sign up for their desired course. This user-friendly approach streamlines the enrollment process, minimizing any potential barriers that could deter prospective students.

To build trust and confidence in their program, Swordschool offers three free online courses on Teachable. These trial courses allow students to explore the curriculum, experience the teaching style, and gain a firsthand understanding of the quality of instruction provided. This enables students to make an informed decision about whether to commit to a paid course, ensuring that they feel confident and satisfied with their choice.

Teachable’s platform provides Swordschool with the necessary infrastructure to deliver a seamless online learning experience. It supports course creation, student enrollment, progress tracking, and other essential features that contribute to an effective and engaging learning environment. By utilizing Teachable, Swordschool is able to focus on delivering high-quality martial arts instruction while leaving the technical aspects of online course delivery to the platform.

Overall, Swordschool’s choice to use Teachable demonstrates their commitment to providing accessible and engaging martial arts education through online courses. By leveraging the features and capabilities of Teachable, they can effectively teach students the skills they need, offer a user-friendly enrollment process, and provide a trial experience to ensure student satisfaction.

52 Kards has leveraged Teachable to create an exceptional online platform dedicated to magic tricks and card techniques. By utilizing Teachable, they offer a wide range of courses designed to enhance customers’ magic skills and take their performances to the next level.

Teachable serves as the foundation for 52 Kards’ online magic school, providing the necessary tools and features to deliver engaging and comprehensive courses. Through these courses, customers gain access to a wealth of knowledge, including various magic tricks, card handling techniques, and performance tips.

While 52 Kards offers free content to support the magic community, they also provide paid training courses for those who are willing to invest in their magic education. These paid courses provide a more in-depth and specialized learning experience, allowing dedicated individuals to further refine their skills and broaden their repertoire of magic tricks.

In addition to their educational offerings, 52 Kards functions as an e-commerce shop. With the help of Teachable’s integrated e-commerce capabilities, customers have the convenience of purchasing playing cards and related merchandise directly from the 52 Kards website. This seamless integration allows customers to access a wide selection of cards at any time, further enhancing their magic experience.

Overall, Teachable has played a pivotal role in enabling 52 Kards to establish an online magic school and create a thriving community of magic enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Teachable empowers 52 Kards to provide high-quality educational content, offer paid training courses for dedicated learners, and facilitate seamless e-commerce transactions for the convenience of customers.

Angel Fehr Watercolour has utilized Teachable as a platform to deliver an exceptional online painting school experience. As an exemplary model for teaching artistic hobbies, Angel Fehr Watercolour showcases the power of online courses and an effective sales page.

The founder of Angel Fehr Watercolour recognized the potential of video-making and social media as powerful tools for sharing her expertise with others who have an interest in watercolour painting. By leveraging Teachable, she has created a platform that allows aspiring artists to access her knowledge and guidance from anywhere in the world.

Upon visiting the website, visitors are greeted with a rich selection of free Teachable classes and sections. This extensive collection includes a remarkable offering of 200 free videos that cater to novice watercolour artists. These videos serve as a valuable resource for learners, providing them with the opportunity to watch and learn from Angel Fehr’s expertise at their own pace.

Teachable’s platform empowers Angel Fehr Watercolour to curate a comprehensive curriculum, organize course materials, and present them in an easily accessible format. Through the seamless integration of video content, students can immerse themselves in the world of watercolour painting, benefiting from Angel Fehr’s insights, techniques, and artistic guidance.

The use of Teachable not only enables Angel Fehr Watercolour to offer high-quality educational content but also facilitates a user-friendly sales page. Prospective students can easily navigate the website and explore the available courses and resources. This intuitive experience streamlines the enrollment process, making it effortless for individuals to access the knowledge they seek.

In conclusion, Angel Fehr Watercolour exemplifies how Teachable can be harnessed to create an exceptional online painting school. Through a robust selection of free Teachable classes and sections, as well as the availability of 200 free videos, Angel Fehr Watercolour ensures that novice watercolour artists have ample resources to learn and grow. By embracing Teachable’s platform, Angel Fehr Watercolour has successfully shared her expertise and cultivated a community of passionate artists, providing aspiring painters with the tools they need to flourish in the world of watercolour.

Alanna Kaivalya has chosen Teachable as the platform to share her extensive knowledge of yoga through her website and sales page. Known as the Yoga Doctor, Alanna offers a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to learn about yoga and its principles.

Alanna’s Teachable website provides a fast and efficient way for beginners to dive into the world of yoga. The sales page is designed to captivate visitors, offering a wealth of information and resources to support their yoga journey.

Alanna’s expertise is conveyed through a variety of video tutorials and lessons available on the website. Each class or post focuses on a specific principle from yoga, allowing learners to explore and understand the fundamental aspects of this ancient practice.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, Alanna offers exclusive membership options that provide access to premium classes. These premium classes unlock additional content and insights, enabling members to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga. However, Alanna understands the importance of accessibility and offers scholarships for individuals who may be on a limited budget. Details about these scholarships can be found in a separate post on the website, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from Alanna’s teachings.

By utilizing Teachable, Alanna has created a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of learning yoga. Students can easily navigate the website, access the video tutorials, and engage with the content at their own pace. The Teachable platform also enables Alanna to offer a seamless enrollment process for premium classes or scholarship applications, ensuring a smooth and inclusive learning experience for all.

In summary, Alanna Kaivalya has harnessed the power of Teachable to establish a comprehensive online yoga resource. Through her website and sales page, learners can access video tutorials and lessons that focus on specific yoga principles. With options for exclusive membership and scholarship opportunities, Alanna ensures that her teachings are accessible to individuals of all budgets.

5 Best Teachable Examples

The Don’t Tell Charles page has effectively utilized Teachable to offer a comprehensive platform for cake decorating courses and workshops. This online school provides a range of possibilities for individuals interested in enhancing their cake decorating skills.

Upon landing on the website, visitors have immediate access to one of the featured classes. This readily available class provides a taste of the high-quality instruction offered by The Don’t Tell Charles. For those seeking more information, the website offers detailed insights into the online school and the various courses and workshops available.

In addition to the courses and workshops, The Don’t Tell Charles features its own blog. This blog serves as a valuable resource for users, providing them with regular updates, news, and information on cake decoration. With frequent content updates, users can stay up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and inspiration in the world of cake decorating.

Thanks to the Teachable platform, The Don’t Tell Charles delivers a straightforward user experience. The website’s user-friendly design and navigation make it easy for customers to find their desired posts or videos quickly and efficiently. Teachable’s intuitive interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for users.

In conclusion, The Don’t Tell Charles has successfully leveraged Teachable to create a robust platform for cake decorating education. With a featured class readily available, detailed information about the online school, and a dedicated blog, users can explore a variety of resources and stay connected to the latest cake decorating trends. The user-friendly nature of the Teachable platform contributes to a streamlined and enjoyable experience for customers, allowing them to access the content they desire with ease.


With this post, we hope that you have found inspiration for your Teachable page. Whether it is a specific post or the entire platform itself- having an example to base anything on will always be helpful!

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