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5 Best Teachable Examples

5 Best Teachable Examples

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Teachable is the perfect platform for beginners and experts alike. The whole point of Teachable is so that you can quickly get started on your online business, and create content -but before diving in headfirst (and risking getting stuck), we recommend looking at some course examples to see what kind of thing might work best with our audience!

If you are looking to start a course, it’s important that your site is structured in the same way as other successful courses. Keep reading this post for some great examples of Teachable sales pages and online courses!

For those looking to teach the martial arts through online courses, Swordschool is an excellent example. Though it may be challenging physically demonstrate skills and moves in written words or video form lessons can still teach students everything they need for any type of karate class- all without leaving your home!

The sales page is pretty straightforward since it mainly has a button for students to enroll and sign up for a course. There are also 3 free online courses that students can go through before committing to a paid course.

Magic tricks and card techniques are what 52 Kards is all about. Made with Teachable, this online magic school offers courses to its customers on how to improve your magic skills.

Also, they offer paid training courses for those who can afford them. 52Kards also functions as an e-commerce shop with cards available online and at any time!

For Teachable entrepreneurs who want to teach a more artistic hobby, Angel Fehr Watercolour is the perfect example for an online course and sales page.

The founder of this online painting school turned to video-making and social media to share her experience with others who are interested.

When you open the website, you’ll get to browse through plenty of free Teachable classes and sections. There are 200 free videos that novice watercolor artists can watch and learn from.

If you’re looking for a way to get started fast, then check out this Teachable website and sales page by Alanna Kaivalya. She calls herself the Yoga Doctor because her site has everything you need to learn about yoga.

To share her expertise, Alanna set up a variety of video tutorials and lessons on the site. Each class or post revolves around one principle from yoga.

Learners will also have the option to become exclusive members to get access to premium classes. But if you’re not up for going over budget, you can also apply for some scholarships that the page offers in a separate post.

5 Best Teachable Examples

The Don’t Tell Charles is a page for those interested in cake decorating courses and workshops. One of their featured classes can be accessed from the landing, but if that isn’t enough they also provide more information about this online school as well as other possibilities available through it!

Plus, Don’t Tell Charles even has its own blog. Users will be able to read through updated news and information on cake decoration on a regular basis.

Overall, the user experience you’ll get from this page is pretty straightforward. It’s easy for customers to navigate and get to any post or video they want to, and that’s all thanks to Teachable.


With this post, we hope that you have found inspiration for your Teachable page. Whether it is a specific post or the entire platform itself- having an example to base anything on will always be helpful!

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