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Top 5 Podia online course examples

Top 5 Podia Online Course Examples

Digital products have been all the rage for quite some time now. Creators in this space continue to find new ways of working with tools like Podia that help them establish themselves as creators and sell both courses or memberships on their website, among other benefits!

Podia is a newer tool that allows you to create websites in minutes with industry-standard features. It’s not as well known but it still offers something unique and worth checking out if your team has not yet decided on which platform will best suit their needs!

Here are some course examples websites that were built using the Podia platform:

1. Design for Developers – Mackenzie Child

Top 5 Podia online course examples

Mackenzie child’s storytelling is impeccable. His entire landing page takes on the tone of an adventure where he remains our hero, solving design problems with ease and flair!

Child starts by talking about how difficult it can be ‘to actually solve these issues in design’ before going into more detail as to why each problem might arise – all while making sure that any designer who reads this will feel like they’re not alone or hopeless at coming up against such challenges themselves.

Once he has established a bridge by resonating to his potential customers by talking about problems that they already have, he then proceeds on to showcase his course which could be the solution to all the problems that were discussed up till this point.

2. Swiss Innovation Academy – Daniele Catalanotto

Top 5 Podia online course examples

Daniele has an eye for color, and his website is no exception. He uses the familiar tomato shade (#ff5b5c) throughout all of it from header to CTA buttons -and even Product images! The cohesive look between these different parts makes you feel like there’s nothing but good vibes coming off this place; which can’t hurt when selling online right?

The images for the courses have been depicted with the help of illustrations and this website is a masterclass on how to use illustrations to a great effect in enticing potential customers.

3. Open Studio Jazz

Top 5 Podia online course examples

In a world where most websites are made with one platform, it is refreshing to see how someone has taken advantage of every tool at their disposal. Open Studio Jazz not only uses Podia for blog posts and art pages; they even built an entire website dedicated solely towards teaching artists from all over the globe!

Another impressive aspect is that they have used videos in the media section of a product where people would generally place images. Videos give the visitor a chance to know more about the product without having to go to another page which helps in removing the excess friction.

4. Oh Joy Academy – Joy Cho:

Top 5 Podia online course examples

Joy Cho is a one-stop-shop for all things design. From her website, you can see how she influences customers with every step they take through an array of beautiful posters that represent courses and products alike – each decorated in vibrant colors to attract attention!

Another impressive thing that many of you might miss noting is the abundance of white space on the website. There is absolutely no clutter and each and every section deals with a product and its corresponding CTA.

The CTAs are all in a light salmon color that blends in nicely with the ample white space on the website.

5. Sketchnote Academy- Emily Mills:

Top 5 Podia online course examples

The founder of Sketchnote Academy, Emily Mills has built an amazing website using the Podia platform. The colors contrasting throughout this landing page are pleasing to behold and do a great job in directing attention towards important CTAs on your site – especially with their salmon (#f37361) color for buttons which makes them stand out against all others!

She manages to showcase the three groups of products seamlessly. As you scroll past the contents above the fold, you land on her workshops section which has information about past and upcoming workshops. This is swiftly followed by a section where all the courses on offer are displayed along with their respective CTAs. The next group is to sell her PDFs workbooks.


Podia is a great platform for people who want to create digital products and sell them online. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly get your website up and running so that you can start selling your courses and memberships. If you’re looking for a platform to help you create and sell your digital products, then I highly recommend checking out Podia.

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