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Building A Business Around Helping People Find A Remote Job with Taylor Lane from Remotelikeme.com

Podcast Episode Topics

  • How Taylor managed to build a business by helping people find a remote position in a company
  • Why taking a remote job vs starting a business is a great way to get started as a digital nomad
  • Building a membership site that allows Taylor to live and travel around South America.
  • The power of having a Facebook group for your business
  • The importance of a coach when working online.
  • How setting challenges for yourself will help you grow.
  • Taking membership members through a Success Cycle (3 month membership period) to land a full time remote worker position.
  • Actionable tips and advice for those who are looking to get started as a Digital Nomad and work online by landing a remote position.
  • Plans for RemoteLikeMe moving forward

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Building A Business Helping People Find A Remote Job

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