Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast

Building a Facebook Ads & Marketing Funnels eCommerce Agency with Mike Lewandowski


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Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Building an enthusiastic and passionate team will help you achieve your goals and deliver much better results for clients.
  • Find Help & play to your strengths as soon as possible.
  • The Power of local networking to generate clients and business leads

Podcast Episode Overview

Welcome to another episode of the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with your host Adam Finan & todays guest Mike L Lewandowski from

Mike spends his time between Warsaw in Poland and London, UK and runs a lean & efficient team of 5 to deliver results for clients.

His core business is helping eCommerce stores with Facebook Ads, Marketing Funnels and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

  • 1:23 Intro to Mike
  • 7:23 - Clickfunnels is ideal when starting out, but Mike scales using a different approach.
  • 8:10 Moving away from Upwork to find clients & the power of local networking to grow your agency and freelancing business
  • 9:05 Building your business on the power referrals - When you deliver results - People talk!
  • 10:50 - Why hiring a Virtual Assistant was a game changer for Mike!
  • 15:00 Scaling the business - Why building a solid, reliable and enthusiastic team is the key to success as a service provider.
  • 17:56 Building trust with your team and keeping skills sharp.
  • 19:55 Why Mike decided to narrow down on eCommerce as his ideal audience for Facebook Ads, marketing funnels & CRO
  • 28:30 Why you need to think process oriented not people oriented in your business offering.
  • 32:45 Mike’s top tips for a new Digital Nomad or freelancer wannabes
  • 34:00 Mikes Mentors along the way
  • 36:19 Where you can find Mike online.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode.

ep 19 -mike - Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast