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Building A Remote Tax & Accounting Business for Digital Nomads with Grace Taylor

What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • Welcome to another episode of the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with your host Adam Finan & todays guest Grace Taylor from Gracefully Expat, a Canadian who lives in Dublin Ireland, and specializes in US tax for Expats.
  • In this episode we discuss building a remote business serving US digital nomads by means of accounting & tax returns.
  • 2:07 Started as an accountant in Seattle then was transferred to Dublin office.
  • 2:59 Grace talks about starting her online entrepreneur journey.
  • 4:01 The importance of Americans filing US Tax returns regardless of where they live or how much time they spend outside the US.
  • 6:05 Made her website and got her first few clients via being a guest on podcasts such as Johnny FD’s Travel Like a Boss podcast as Grace met him at a conference.
  • 8:03 Why being a guest on Podcasts is a powerful tool to grow your business as a freelancer.
  • 23:40 Using Acuity scheduling, where people can set an appointment for consultation and sync to google calendar.
  • Space App, tells you how many times you unlock your phone. An average person unlocks their phone around 120x a day.
  • 37:40 Get involved in the community, adding value and people will start to recommend you!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode.

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