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Building A Freelance Writing Business that works with Eva Gutierrez

Podcast Episode Topics

  • How Eva has built a successful freelance writing business with a niche focus on working with online entrepreneurs
  • How to build you Upwork profile like a pro to get to the point where Upwork are basically sending you potential clients to work with on auto-pilot every day!
  • Why its so important to be consistent and flex your freelance muscle everyday to stay on top of your game and skillset
  • The struggles of running a business while travelling around the world as well as how local network can help grow your client list
  • Using Quora to grow your business
  • Choosing work thats will allow you to earn & learn at the same time.
  • Actionable tips and advice for those who are looking to get started as a Digital Nomad and work online

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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