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EP39:Cashflow Management Tips for Agencies & Freelancers with Nev Harris

Learn the Four Profit Killers every agency & freelancer business needs to avoid!

Todays guest is Nev Harris from NevHarris.com

Nev is Agency Owner, and his superpower is teaching people how to understand their money 

Nev helps agency owners and freelancers better understand cashflow and finances .

We discuss:

-How Nev got started working online

-Offline business leading to online business opportunities

-The Four Profit Killers every Agency and Freelancer need to avoid to succeed (Overspending, Underpricing, Cashflow & Taxes)

-The power of good friendships

– How he grew his business online

– How Nev gets clients for his business

– Typical ways he sees business owners mismanage their finances?

– Why do people often ignore numbers when they really shouldn’t

-Why recurring revenue is key to business stability

-Advice for service providers and agency owners at this time

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