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Traveling Around The World Without Flying As A Freelance Web Designer with Niall Doherty

Todays guest is Niall Doherty. Niall comes from Ireland and currently lives in Bali with his partner. Niall has been working online for 9 1/2 years as a freelance web designer and in 2019 doubled down on affiliate marketing on his main website ndoherty.com.

In this episode we discuss Niall’s journey from starting out as digital nomad almost 10years ago and venturing out into the world to travel and work online.

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Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • When starting out freelancing, your network is your net-worth. Look there for your first clients
  • Why Marketplaces like Upwork are not the best place to kickstart your freelance business.
  • Why sales is a key skill to learn and develop as a freelancer

Podcast Episode Overview

  • 1:00 Intro to Niall& his mad challenge – to circumnavigate the globe with our flying from Ireland
  • 6:38 Getting your first clients as a freelancer
  • 6:40- 7:30 Role Models & seeking inspiration from those who have done what you want to do

  • 8:21 – Harness and develop your skill set to create freedom. Don’t travel without this!
  • 12:20 – Remote job / Freelancing vs owning an online business.
  • 12.52- Learning about building authority sites. 
The 3 levels of online business models
  • 18.48 Use your network! Facebook post your services and follow up with people. Set a schedule and treat it like a professional.
  • 21:25 – Make a list of business owners who know you and reach out 1:1 – (door to door method)
  • 23:15 – 24:15 You’ve got to sell. Freelancers and remote workers need to learn sales as a skill.
  • 24:29 How Niall Found his first Client & recommendations for people who want to learn how to sell
  • 25:38 – Finding A Remote Job is competitive in 2019. You need to bring your A game!
  • 32:54 – Tips to build a business – Stay in one place! To build a business -don’t travel. You need the time available(Min 10hours per week). Pick a skill and hone it
  • 33 – Policing the world of online courses – The launch of eBiz Facts!

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