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Mind Hacking On Demand with Adam Goldman

Podcast Talking Points

  • We discuss teaching and deconstructing mental models on a range of sensitive topics with Adam Goldman
  • Adam lives as a Digital Nomad in Medellin, Colombia but is from Israel.
  • How therapy has adapted to the online world
  • What life is like working with clients who have had serious trauma and how Adam approaches helping them with innovative new strategies using technology.
  • How Adam kickstarted his mind hacking sessions by utilizing online platforms like Facebook and Facebook’s messenger
  • Discover what apps, tools and system Adam uses to effectively manage his daily tasks and his online business
  • Tips on how he took advantage of his expertise in programming and infused his passion for helping people to automate mind hacking
  • Learn how Adam maximised marketing efforts by providing free content like articles, video blogs and sessions to the public in order to attract clients and for proof of concept.
  • The power of a strong community to help keep you in the right mindset

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