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TryInteract Review

TryInteract Review – The Best Quiz Funnel Software to Generate Leads?

If you’re like most business owners, you know that generating leads is essential to growing your business. But most lead magnets are bland and unengaging. That’s where TryInteract comes in. Here is my TryInteract Review to help you see if it is the right list building tool for you.

I first heard about TryInteract when I was looking for a way to grow my email list. I wanted something that would be both fun and informative, and TryInteract seemed like the perfect solution. I was able to create a quiz that was tailored to my brand, and it was easy to share with my audience. Plus, the quiz helped me segment my leads and recommend products to them. Overall, I was very impressed with TryInteract and would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to grow their business.

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❓ What is TryInteract?

Coming Soon:
Podcast Episode with TryInteract Team

A Podcast Episode with TryInteract Team will be available soon

TryInteract is quiz software that helps you build your list and sell more products. With TryInteract, you can create interactive quizzes that are both fun and informative. And best of all, they’re easy to share. So if you’re looking for a way to grow your business, TryInteract is the quiz software for you.

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How Does TryInteract Work?

TryInteract quiz software is very easy to use. First, you choose one of their conversion-focused quiz templates. Then, you customize the quiz to fit your brand. After that, you can share the quiz with ease. And finally, you can grow your list and segment it at the same time.

Some good strategies is to add it to your website homepage, or run Ads to your quiz.

🤔 Who is TryInteract For?

TryInteract quiz software is perfect for business owners who want to grow their email list and sell more products. Their templates cover every types of online business and i think it is safe to say – if you have a website or service of any kind – you will benefit from having a quiz to guide & engage your audience.

💡 Benefits of using A Quiz Funnel Software

Quiz software helps you build your list by connecting to popular email marketing platforms.

Quiz software helps you sell more products by reducing decision fatigue and helping guide customers to the right product/ service,

Quiz software is easy to use (templates are already made, you just edit questions – or don’t – and change the colours!)

Quiz software is easy to share – These Quizes are great for social media

Quiz software is fun and informative – Not just another download, a quiz takes a person on a journey!

💰 Tryinteract Pricing

Tryinteract Starts at $17 per month ($204 per year) if paying yearly or $29 per month if paying monthly ($348 per year) for the basic plan. You can have 60,000 leads in one year so if you hit that target it’s a no-brainer to upgrade!

I consider this a worthwile investment to skyrocket your email list growth 🚀
Grab your 14 day free trial, use a template and publish a quiz asap to test this for your blog, website or business.

🎉 TryInteract Quiz Examples

Tryinteract Blogging Quiz Templates:

I really liked the blogging quiz templates and plan to add some on this website in the near future. These are evergreen ways to grow a list of subscribers with engaging questions. I also think it would be a good strategy to runs ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to build a list.

🤫 Who uses TryInteract?

As Social Proof, I like to know which successful online business owners are using a certain software. Tryinteract is hitting a home run with some big names in the Personal Branding world using their quizzes!

Lewis Howes has a quiz called – Is Your Idea Profitable? To see your results you must enter your email. It consists of 6 simple questions that are designed to help you evaluate if an idea is a wortwhile business pursuit.

Jenna Kutcher also has a quiz which guides you through a series of 10 multiple choice questions. One you reach the end you will arrive at a page where you need to enter your email to see the results. Another fantastic of how to use a quiz to generate sign ups.


If you are serious about growing your email list and want to engage, have fun and experiement with ways to do this then TryInteract is teh best quiz software I have come across in the market. They have top rated reviews and amazing support through their community also.

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