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Best Podcast Software

Best Podcast Software

The ultimate guide to choosing a perfect podcasting software

The best podcast software isn’t always what you think. There are many options available for podcasters, but which is the best? Podcasting can be a lot of work and it’s important to choose the right tools. Podcasts are a great way to reach out and connect with your audience, but just like any other type of public speaking, it is important that you take the time to make sure everything sounds professional.

The right software will help ensure your podcast has an appropriate level of polish before getting published for all listeners to hear. This blog post will cover some of the most popular podcasting software including options that are free or low-cost as well as some higher priced ones.

Riverside It’s a solid podcasting software for creators and brands together. They focus a lot on video and sound quality that look & sound amazing. 


  • Video recording –Ability to record video interview or podcast
  • Audio quality –Superior audio quality on local file than that of Zoom
  • Guest invitation links – These platforms create unique links to invite guests
  • Higher quality of audio and video (podcaster friendly) –Many podcasters use Zoom or Skype for this. These platforms have 4K HD resolution and better audio quality
  • Any device – All of them work with most of the devices


  • Uploading issue
  • UX – It is a simple software but it took a while to get set up.

Auphonic rates best overall because it’s affordable, accessible for newbies to the world of podcasting and features a wide range of automated audio enhancement options.


  • Free upload hours each month

  • Has a free option/affordable

  • Web-based software

  • User-friendly


  • Advanced features need to be purchased additionally

  • Users don’t have full control over the files

  • The desktop version doesn’t have all features

Auphonic has the best podcast software. Not only does their easy to use interface save you editing time, but Auphonic also comes with a plethora of embedded features that make it even easier. Combined with lower rates than their competitors and an intuitive user-interface for new podcasters, there’s no better option out there!

Auphonic is a software that has automated functions and anyone can use it. If you want more control over the editing process, then there are other platforms available for your needs, but if not this will work perfectly fine!

Audacity is the most popular free podcast software currently on the market, and it has been used by podcasters for years. It stands out as our number one choice thanks to its features and basic editing options.


  • Free to use

  • Compatible with all operating systems

  • Supports most audio file formats

  • Has all basic effects to create podcasts


  • Can’t upload directly to a podcast hosting platform

  • Outdated interface

  • No advanced editing features

  • No mobile app

Audacity is the best free podcast software for Windows, Linux and Mac. It comes with all of the basic features that a podcaster would need to record and edit an audio file so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to try their hand at this new world! Audacity will work on any computer running these operating systems (including yours!), allowing you full access without paying anything out-of-pocket.

The Hindenburg Journalist software has been designed with podcasters in mind. It offers a number of features that other programs do not, such as the ability to edit interviews and conversations so they can be formatted any way you want them to be. This program is able to suit many needs for broadcasters due its near limitless customization options.

Hindenburg Journalist was created specifically for people who work on podcasts every day – it’s jam-packed full of all sorts of great functions like being able to rearrange segments or cut out anything from an interview without losing audio quality!


  • Supports all types of audio files

  • Extracts the best audio quality

  • Has a free 30-day trial

  • Upload directly to Soundcloud, Libsyn, and Loudness


  • Expensive

  • Not fit for beginners

  • All features are available only in the pro version

Hindenburg Journalist gives you a suite of tools and features so that your storytelling can go from amateur to professional with ease. You’ll be able to control the recording process, organize audio files for later editing, as well as create polished final products without any extra hassle.

Alitu is made for people who want to create a podcast without much technical experience. Creating an account or uploading your first video will only take seconds and it does all the hard work on its own, requiring almost no effort at any level of expertise in making podcasts.

Alitu was created with beginners in mind: you can log into Alitus through Facebook Connect (or set up a new one) and upload videos within minutes – there’s even templates that make creating content easier than ever before!


  • Almost fully automated

  • Can record audio anywhere

  • No desktop or mobile app required


  • Only for short recordings

  • Browser apps are not reliable

  • Audio quality issues

Alitu is a great option for beginner podcasters because it’s so simple to use. Instead of spending hours trying to clean up an audio file, Alitu will do everything from volume leveling and cleaning out background noise in the recording process.

Adobe Audition is the perfect choice for podcasters at any level of experience. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful tools, it’s never been easier to create a professional podcast from scratch with only your laptop.


  • Multiple advanced features

  • A lot of online tutorials and classes

  • Custom templates and hotkeys


  • Requires time to learn

  • Expensive

  • Not fit for beginners and intermediate users

Adobe Audition is a professional audio tool that can be used by beginners and intermediate users. Although it would not maximize the advanced features, these non-pros should take Adobe’s many online tutorials and classes to learn how to get up-to-speed with this software in order to master its full potential.

Apple’s Logic Pro X is the perfect tool for all Mac users who want to create professional podcasts. It has a wide range of tools and features that make it easy to edit audio, record vocals, or add live instrumentation.


  • Made by Apple for Apple

  • Users can add post-production effects

  • Logic Remote app

  • Multiple automation features


  • Focused more on music production than podcast production

  • Compatible only with Mac devices

  • Requires macOS version 10.13.6 or later

Logic Pro X is the most advanced, full-featured and powerful software on a computer for editing audio. It can be purchased at one time for $200 which may seem expensive but it comes with all basic features as well as many more that are only available to those who have an understanding of podcasting or sound engineering.

Reaper is the best podcast software out there, even though it comes with a few cons. The program has an easy-to-use interface that will help you get started right away and teaches new users how to use difficult features or programs. It’s lightweight so your laptop doesn’t slow down when running Reaper but powerful enough for all of your needs!


  • Great value for the cost, starts at $60

  • Starts up and runs fast

  • Has a free 30-day trial

  • Can run from a USB


  • Complex plugin integration
  • No mobile app

Reaper is a software that allows users to import any audio file and MIDI, synthesize, compose, sample, edit arrange mix and master any project. This was not designed specifically for podcasts but it also does the job very well.

You can record multiple takes or layers of sound without stopping playback so you’re able to capture different sounds in one take with Reaper’s autorecord function which will automatically save your work when you hit stop at the end of each loop

Anchor.fm is a free podcast software, suitable for beginners and experts alike. The iOS and Android device support enables you to record a podcast without any extra equipment. 


  • One-click distribution of podcasts to several platforms
  • Monetize your podcast using listener support and sponsorships
  • Co-host your podcasts with friends or invite multiple guests
  • Analytics to track your podcasts’ performances


  • A lack of in-depth editing
  • One podcast per account & no tiered access
  • Limited interviewing options

Final Words

The best podcasting software is the one that meets your needs. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which program will work for you and your team. Our goal in this guide is to help you find a perfect match by explaining what makes certain programs great (or not so much). Now that we’ve covered all of these considerations, we want to hear from you: What are you using? Let us know! We love hearing about how each podcaster finds success with their chosen program or piece of equipment.

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