How to Get Started as a Freelance Writer While Teaching English with Crunch Ranjani – EP 11

Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast - Crunch Ranjani ep11

What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • How Crunch started writing Podcast show notes for a friend and eventually becoming a digital nomad with steady clients - being able to travel anywhere in the world while still having steady income
  • How Crunch manages to be a teacher and a freelancer at the same time
  • The advantages of working remotely and having a flexible lifestyle
  • Being a digital nomad allows you to be there for your family in times of emergencies, wherever they are in the world!
  • Tips on how to become an effective freelance writer and attract good clients who will give value to the work you do
  • Tips on how to diversify your niche and enjoy what you do.
  • Having a broad niche can be great for personal development so you can become a well-rounded individual!
  • Importance of building meaningful relationships with the digital nomad community and your clients
  • Tips on how to gain more referrals

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast - Crunch Ranjani ep11

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