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Best Youtube Channels for Digital Nomads

Best YouTube Channels for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are a special breed of humans that make their living by traveling and creating content. They’re always on the frontline observing things happening all around them, which means they have opinions about where digital-nomadic life thrives best- and how to do it at an affordable price! Here are some of the top Digital Nomad Youtube channels you MUST follow in 2021:

PsychoTraveller is an adventure enthusiast who has traveled to over 100 countries. She’s passionate about empowering her audience and helping them create the life they want by detailing how she did it while providing practical advice for anyone looking at going on their own journey of travel. She believes you don’t need to be rich or live in another country to enjoy an international lifestyle full of distant lands and foreign cultures.

Andrew has a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom and shares his vast knowledge to do so. His goal is not only about making money, it’s also how he can use the power of banking as an instrument in society’s benefit- just like medicine or education are instruments that help people live better lives!

On his YouTube channel, where over 300K subscribers watch his videos, he gives practical advice and tutorials on anything related to offshore banking, business ownership structuring, and international living. In all digital nomad YouTubers, Nomad Capitalist is your guide if you are looking for financial solutions.

Kristin’s channel is a great example of how entrepreneurship can be both fun and informative. Her videos are all about showing people the lifestyle, risks, rewards that come with living your dream by chasing after theirs—whether they’re traveling or working remotely full-time from abroad! Check out her channel to get more advice on business ideas, finances, tips about the digital nomad influencer lifestyle.

You may have been thinking about becoming a digital nomad, but you’re not sure where to start. You don’t need classes or books because Joanna Yung has everything on her YouTube channel for building successful social media marketing business that will help with any aspect of travel and work from anywhere!

Johnny knows how to travel the world while still managing an online business. If you are looking for a digital nomad and want insight from someone who has done it before, then look no further than Johnny’s blog or YouTube channel! He is one of the most interesting digital nomad YouTubers.

Alan Howard is a YouTube personality who wants to make it easier for people without technical skills or business ideas. His channel has videos on how-to guides, interviews with other YouTubers in the field of freelancing and so much more! I recommend checking out his website if you are new into this world because he offers great information that can be very helpful when transitioning from 9/5 jobs like retail work or customer service positions.

One of the most famous YouTube creators, Ben Brown is an adventure videographer and photographer. He has been on difficult expeditions to capture epic footage that will inspire others in this profession- from kayakers who became photographers or vloggers because they loved exploring new places with their camera’s lens as much it did when holding onto a paddle blade! Check out his channel for more information about what can be done by choosing digital nomad lifestyle.

Chris is one of the most popular digital nomads in his field. He travels around the world teaching courses about web development, and generates enough passive income to live on your own terms as a freelance developer while traveling from place-to-place thanks to Chris’ job as such. So far this year alone he’s lived all over four continents – you can bet that there are tricks up these sleeves! His channel is on our ‘must follow’ list.

Meet the Travel Beans, a YouTube channel for travel inspiration by digital nomads. Alex and Emma are English teachers who live their life traveling around in order to sample new cultures while enjoying wildlife photography all along with amazing food! You’ll be able to learn what it’s like from them as they show you how much fun being on-the-go can really bring if used correctly or not always that way depending upon your preference but either way this channel will inspire anyone looking into changing careers soon!

Want to hear about the most inspirational digital nomad? Here’s an inspiring story from Lost Leblanc, who quit his job in Canada and moved abroad with only one-way ticket. His passion project is helping entrepreneurs start their own businesses by teaching them how they can do so themselves! He decided to use his content creation skills and build a new life as a digital nomad influencer. He also teaches online classes. Check out his courses on being a world-class content creator and NEVER go back to a 9-5 job.

Final Words

With so many digital nomads struggling to find great content for their travel blogs, we put together a list of the best Youtube channels for digital nomads. We hope this helps you enjoy your time abroad and explore new destinations without feeling homesick!

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