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Hey! Like every Friday, we want to bring you the latest news and information from the amazing world of digital nomadism. Here’s what you need to know! 😎

Spain Digital Nomad Visa: How Does It Work And Who Can Apply? 🇪🇸

Spain is launching a new digital nomad visa, which will provide Britons and those from other non-EU countries with the chance to work and live abroad. Click here to keep reading!

Digital Nomad news

Why Albania Is The Best European Country For American Nomads In 2023 🗺️

After being dismissed as Europe’s underdog for decades, Albania is surging in popularity as the top digital nomad hub in the continent for 2023. Click here to keep reading!

Living As A Digital Nomad In South Asia 📍

After the pandemic and the obligation to work remotely, a new class of workers has emerged – the so-called digital nomads. As a way to make up for the two years when traveling was forbidden, a new generation of professionals are making their dream of combining work life and their passion for travel a reality.

As a consequence, countries in South Asia, such as India or Vietnam, have become hotspots since they have a good internet infrastructure and are at the same time popular travel destinations. Click here to keep reading!

Everything You Need To Know About Using AirTags To Track Luggage 🛅

Thanks to new technology, pinpointing the location of your belongings is now affordable and practical for many travelers. Click here to keep reading!

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