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Examples of Food Blogs Sold – Buying & Selling Content Websites πŸ“βœ…

Are you looking to buy or sell a food blog? With the rise of the digital age, buying and selling content websites has become a popular business. Food blogs are no exception, as they have gained popularity in recent years.

In this blog post, we’ll showcase some examples of successful food blogs that have been sold and discuss what makes them valuable assets. We’ll also offer tips on what to look for when buying or selling a food blog so that you can make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to cash in on your hard work or a business owner looking to invest in a profitable venture, this blog post is for you!

🍎 Examples of Food Blogs Sold

βœ… Dine Dream Discover

About the business

With the tremendous potential for growth and continued success over the years, currently generating revenue of $5,478 per month, it’s clear this content business has a bright future ahead, and can easily reach five figures per month.

From cooking budget-friendly and delicious recipes to exploring hidden gems off the beaten path, restaurant reviews, product reviews, and so much more, this business is passionate about inspiring, educating, and entertaining all kinds of lifestyle enthusiasts.

There are so many ways to expand on the recipes, travel insights, and content creations; it’s no wonder the business is doing so well.

With over a decade of experience in food journalism, Dine Dream Discover is your go-to site when it comes to all things related to food and can be taken to new levels. 


Most are recipes and the buyer will need to write the post as just the recipe itself is in draft.

βœ… buttercreambakeshop.net

About the business

Key Highlights

  • Rare 11yo site with DA 31
  • Over 330k Pv in 2022
  • Passive income from ads and Amazon affilates
  • Seasonal site with huge income boost in the last qtr of the year
  • Over 300+ unique handwritten articles with strong backlinks


Buttercreambakeshop is an informational site for baking and cooking with over 300 articles. It makes money primarily from ads and Amazon affiliates.

Does not need much work as the site is mostly optimized. May need to spend a few hours a week if you are continuing to add content or build backlinks.


This site relies mainly on organic traffic from Google with a majority from the US and other 1st tier countries


The P&L is quite constant and will normally see a spike in earnings from Oct to Dec.

βœ… Braised & Deglazed

About the business

B&D is 100% SEO-OPTIMIZED, bringing in more than 90% of its traffic from google with a STRONG backlink profile of 38 on Ahrefs and Ubersuggest. Last December, B&D set a new record with over $1000 in income in one month alone.

The owner spent 7 months replying to HARO emails every day and he received 3872 backlinks from high DR sites including:

  • yahoo.com DR 92
  • huffpost.com DR 92
  • nbcnews.com DR 91
  • aol.com DR 91
  • FoxNews.com DR 91

Social Media accounts included:

  • 11k FB followers
  • 8k IG followers
  • 300 email subscribers
  • 200 Pinterest followers

With continued posting, the site will likely break the 50k per month requirement for Mediavine (which could bring in a minimum of $1000 per month.)

βœ… CakeJournal

About the business

Great website for sale! 

Info: Start by checking the history and authority of this website. Check the previous branding as well.

It makes money from Amazon affiliates, NeworMedia, and Sponsored posts.

The owners acquired it last year and it made over $2,600 in just 8 months. As they acquired it at an auction they don’t have access to social media channels. 

With over 35,000 page views per month and over 850 articles written, huge potential to double or triple the pageviews just by updating old content.

That used to rank in the past. You can easily triple the revenue in 2-3 months.

Key Highlights:

  • Established online baking and cooking platform
  • Over 10 years of history
  • Potential for sponsored posts and partnerships
  • Opportunity for growth and expansion under new ownership


  • CakeJournal.com is a blog-style website that generates revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing


  • Customers are primarily coming from organic, with a strong following of passionate bakers and cake decorators
  • Customers are engaged and loyal, with repeat visitors and potential for growth


  • Revenue has shown steady growth in the 8 months that the owners monetized and potential for further growth through sponsored posts and partnerships
  • Detailed financials available upon request

Additional Notes:

  • Sale includes website, content, and domain.

βœ… Vegan Food Lover

About the business

Important info:

Start by checking the history and authority of this website. Check the previous branding as well.

It makes money from AdThrive, Amazon, and Sponsored posts.

The website was dormant for the past three years.

The owners acquired it last year, and started to monetize it last month, the revenue is estimated based on the current AdThrive daily amount and Sponsored post amount. As they acquired it at an auction they don’t have access to social media channels. 

At the beginning of March 2023, they added it to AdThrive, and the account CAN and WILL be transferred to the new owner

This is a great opportunity for someone who wouldn’t meet the criteria to join the Adthrive Premium network.

With over 14,500 page views per month and over 650 articles written, huge potential to double or triple the pageviews just by updating old content that used to rank in the past. You can easily triple the revenue in 2-3 months.

Look at these numbers below from AdThrive:

RPM ($ per 1,000 sessions) $7.88

Page RPM ($ per 1,000 pageviews) $6.89

It means this website is super under-monetized, typically a cooking website has a $30+ RPM, you can improve so many things!

Sponsored posts can be sold at between $100 and $300. 

In total, if you work a bit on the website you can easily make about $700 per month with the website as it is.

βœ… Kuechen Fibel

About the business

Here is a starter site that has an average income from affiliates of about 150 EUR/month.

Some key points:

⚑️The owner hasn’t submitted this site on any ads network, the new owner can get more income from ads.
⚑️New domain name not auction or expired domain name.
⚑️This site did not get hit by the last Google update.

βœ… Brovolone

About the business

Key Highlights

  • Ranked for several great keywords.
  • Quality 16 non-AI articles
  • 3-years consistent traffics
  • Clean background: the owner never did backlinks or anything related.
  • Free from Google penalty: never been affected by Updates.
  • Evergreen topic and niche
  • Beautiful & clean design with a premium theme


Currently advertised with Ezoic and a few Amazon links. See attachment. The owner got distracted by other projects and neglected this site. But it seems doing pretty okay. The new owner can continue pushing it by just adding quality content.

From Google Analytics, the traffic climbed steadily until reaching its peak in 2022 April (3678 pageviews). Then, slowly back to a constant level of around 1300 pageviews. That was actually quite impressive considering the owner has never touched the site for years. If you have time for this cheese blog project, go for it. 

The owner would suggest writing good content yourself. The site content was produced by the owner and his Upwork English native writer who was trained and also knows cheese. Don’t worry, no ChatGPT or AI content. was not a thing at that time when human content was still mainstream in 2020. 

βœ… Breadmakers.org

About the business

This is a mobile-optimized, revenue-generating starter content site in the bread maker niche. The website, breadmakers.org, is now generating monthly Amazon Affiliate revenue and is growing in traffic month over month.

This website has a unique design and unique content. 

It’s a starter site built on an aged domain and is designed to focus on the bread maker/bread machine niche.

Breadmakers.org Published Word Count: 65,000

Site Age: Aged domain on-site was developed in September 2020 and redesigned in July 2022.

This represents an opportunity to bypass the Google Sandbox and begin creating new content on an aged domain.

Focusing on content could get this site to earn hundreds within a few months.

This site has a unique design and unique content, it has some content optimized with SurferSEO.

Executive Summary

Breadmakers.org is designed in a way to be able to increase ranking and increase earnings.


Buying this site is an opportunity to skip the sandbox and quickly build revenue on an existing site. 

  • Built according to Authority Hacker Pro blueprints
  • Built on an aged domain
  • 65,000 words 
  • Comes with your next 10 keywords to target using SurferSEO
  • All keyword research was done using AHRefs
  • Built on Generatepress theme using Elementor Pro
  • Breadmakers.org received 900 pageviews in January and numerous click-throughs on Amazon


This site is ready to be scaled with links and content! 

Your first step should be to write 10 articles based on the keywords that are in draft mode on the site, which contain links to the owner’s SurferSEO account. 

Your second step would be to continue writing bread maker info and affiliate content. 

Once you have a content process setup, you would begin focusing on building links.


There is a lot of potential in the kitchen niche. Not only for products on Amazon but also for other affiliate networks, private deals, and ad revenue.


The owner had only spent his time building out this site. Breadmakers.org is generating some Amazon affiliate revenue in 2022. It is approved for Ezoic but is not currently displaying ads. 

The plugins are all free except for Elementor Pro and AmaLinks Pro. He has an agency license for Elementor Pro, so keeping it won’t be a problem. He’s moving away from AmaLinks, so you would need your own license or you can transition to another company. But all links will work indefinitely. 

Seller Notes

This website has a lot of potential.

The owner says that was hard to make a decision to sell this site, especially when it is making money and showing strong month-to-month growth. 

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✍️ Conclusion

Buying and selling food blogs has become a lucrative business in the digital age. As demonstrated by the successful examples we’ve highlighted, there is great value in owning a popular food blog. However, it’s important to carefully consider what makes a food blog valuable before making a purchase or sale. From strong branding to engaged audiences, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Whether you’re buying or selling, taking the time to understand these factors can help ensure a successful transaction and set you up for long-term success. For more tips on buying and selling content websites, be sure to check out our other blog posts on this topic.

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