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Examples of Health & Wellness Blogs Sold – Buying & Selling Content Websites 🧘

Buying and selling content websites has become a popular trend in recent years, with health and wellness blogs being among the most sought-after. But what exactly makes a health and wellness blog successful enough to be sold?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some examples of successful health and wellness blogs that have been sold on the market. We’ll examine what made these blogs stand out and why they were so valuable to buyers. We’ll also provide tips for those looking to buy or sell a health and wellness blog in the future. So if you’re interested in the world of buying and selling content websites or want to make your own health and wellness blog more valuable, keep reading!

🧘 Examples of Health & Wellness Blogs Sold

Calisthenics 101

About the business

Key Highlights

  • 84% of income is through private affiliate networks
  • 73% of income is digital sales with margins of up to 50%
  • 11% of income through Mediavine ads
  • The site has remained on minimal auto-pilot for the last 1-2 years, with little content output. There is a huge opportunity to boost income and traffic through a more active content plan
  • Private affiliate relationship has had no negotiation, which could also offer a quick boost to income
  • Aged site with a DR of 29 and over 700 referring domains


The owner currently spends no more than 3-4 hours per month on the site, which is enough to add a small amount of content and keep WP plugins updated. The new owner could carry on this way, or with more time/effort they could make a real push with increased content output to increase traffic and income.

The owner has not put much effort at all into socials or utilizing the Mailchimp email list, so this is another avenue that could be much better utilized.

The site is very easy to maintain and anybody familiar with WordPress could take the site over with little support.

There are 4 private affiliates in total, and he manually invoices 3 of these at the start of each month.


Expenses are very minimal and include Cloudways hosting, a paid-for Google email, and the Geni.us link tool, which is used to direct people to different versions of Amazon depending on what country they are in. The owner also use the pro version of GeneratePress theme and the pro version of WP Fastest Cache, but these are minimal expenses charged annually.

Income has been steady over the years, however there are spikes when the private affiliates offer deals (November 22 was highest revenue month at $4,451). As with all fitness websites, there are also seasonal trends around January and the summer months.

Hairstyle Secrets

About the business

Key Highlights:

  • Well-established website for hair enthusiasts and professionals alike
  • Strong brand reputation with a loyal following of customers and contributors
  • Diverse revenue streams including advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored
  • Significant potential for growth and expansion in the hair and beauty industry
  • Minimal time commitment required for ongoing operations
  • As AdThrive platinum member, we will be able to transfer the AdThrive account to the new owner. This is a great opportunity for someone that doesn’t have an AdThrive account to get in and add additional websites with just 30k page views per month
  • Website is on a very good trend even after all Google algorithm updates and has been growing steadily
  • Pinterest account has 5.8 million monthly views


HairstyleSecrets.com is a website that offers a wide range of hair-related content, including articles, tutorials, and product reviews. Revenue is generated through advertising partnerships, mainly AdThrive ads and affiliate marketing.

To keep the business running, regular updates to the website’s content are required. This can be accomplished with minimal time commitment, estimated to be around 1 hour per week. The owners can introduce you to the person that updates 4 articles per month.


HairstyleSecrets.com caters to a diverse audience of hair enthusiasts, including both domestic and international customers. Visitors are mainly acquired through search engine optimization and social media marketing. The website has a loyal and engaged customer base, with a significant number of repeat customers.


The business has seen steady growth in revenue and profits over the past year.

Additional Notes:

The current owner has successfully grown the business to its current state and is seeking to divest ownership to focus on other ventures. The sale includes the website, social media accounts, and existing partnerships with advertisers and suppliers.


About the business

Pornography Addiction | How to Stop?  is a leading reference site in Brazil in the pornography addiction treatment niche.

This 8-year-old content business is earning $833 per month.

With a profit margin of 90%, it is priced at a 4.5x multiple.

  • Improved for SEO, the site has more than 40,000 monthly organic hits.
  • It also has a forum with more than 12,000 members.
  • And a YouTube channel with 3,300 members.
  • And 3 infoproducts, the main one being the “Revert Program” with more than 5,000 students, which is responsible for monetizing the site.
  • All of this is included in the sale.


1- Before the pandemic when the owners were ranked higher for a specific Google keyword, their revenue was 4x higher, reaching $3-4k a month. With a low SEO investment, this keyword can be retrieved, which can double or even triple revenues with this simple action.

2- There are around 12,000 members on the forum, plus a list of around 20,000 email leads interested in the topic. If the new owner launches a new or complementary product in this niche (such as impotence or something related to the treatment of pornography addiction, such as blockers, drugs, or courses) he can easily convert a good part of this audience.

3- The main info product “Revert Program” is a very complete info product with a refund rate below 2%. It was written by a real psychologist and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Hotmart (the Brazilian clickbank). This product can be translated or adapted into other languages or even be transformed into a physical book, or even licensed, as its copyright is included in the sale.

4- This product converts well in organic and can also scale in paid traffic if the new owner gets a paid traffic source for the black niche. Until today the owners only use organic traffic. The same goes for the Youtube channel that can be monetized or even the Blog that until today they have never placed any external advertisement.

5- In addition to this info product, there are 2 more ready-made info products that the owners are going to test this month that can be turned into an upsell or order bump. The 21-Day Challenge and the Anti-Relapse Protocol. These two products can increase average revenue and are included in the sale.

6- The website has a high domain authority. If you work with SEO you can use it to monetize or sell high-authority Backlinks.


1 – The Site is in Portuguese (Brazil).

2 – The porn addiction treatment niche can be considered a black niche for many traffic sources. It works well on organic, but it can struggle to advertise on traffic sources like Instagram and Facebook, for example.

Reason for sale:
The owner went broke with another business and he is no longer able to invest in this site.


About the business

Key Highlights:

  • Home remedies website with potential for growth
  • Made $2,104 in the past 7 months having ads from NeworMedia, with no activity in the past 3 years
  • Strong potential for revenue growth
  • Acquire customers through organic search traffic
  • eCPM is $3.05, and at over 1,000 page views per day, you can triple that with a bit of work.


This website provides readers with home remedies for various ailments, and generates revenue through advertising (NeworMedia). This website can easily be maintained by a new owner, the owners put 0 hours on it in the past years.


The website attracts customers who are seeking natural remedies for their health issues. The majority of the customers are domestic, and they are acquired through organic search traffic. 


The website made over $2,100 in the past 7 months, despite no activity in the past 3 years. This demonstrates the strong potential for revenue growth with regular updates and new content creation. Any financial anomalies can be attributed to seasonality in advertising revenue.

As the owners split the revenue at 12 months to determine the monthly multiple everything is in your favor.

Additional Notes:

This website is a great opportunity for a new owner to take advantage of the strong potential for revenue growth in the home remedies niche. With regular updates and new content creation, the website can attract a larger audience and generate higher advertising and affiliate marketing revenue. Overall, this website is a great investment for someone looking to enter the health and wellness niche.

Health by Mushrooms

About the business

Key Highlights

Healthbymushrooms.com is a 1.5-year-old affiliate site created using human-written content with the purpose of ranking supplement review pages, while also ranking for long tail keywords regarding the type of supplement. The site first started focusing on mushrooms but is also ranking well for non-mushroom supplements showing it can rank for any type of topic related to health and wellness.

The site has survived quite a few Google algorithm updates and has 11,572 page views via ezoic this month, along with 15.2k total clicks and 617,000 impressions over the last 3 months via Google Search Console. 

If you’re looking for a website that can earn you passive income, while also giving you the opportunity to build more content to increase display ads and affiliate sales, this is a great deal and will be way easier than starting from scratch.

Included with the purchase of the website will be the details of the current affiliate program used and access to the ezoic account so you can pick up where the owner left off.

No backlink building has been done to this website, although links have naturally poured in during recent months as the visibility of the site has grown.


This website is a combination of your typical blog/niche website making money from display ads, along with pages that rank for specific keywords that focus on affiliate sales. 

To keep things running smoothly the website could use regular content publishing and additional backlink building. The owner was creating content at a clip of around 10 posts per week in recent months. If you outsource this process it will save you a lot of time.


The two sources of income from this site are affiliate commissions and ezoic display ads. 

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✍️ Conclusion

Buying and selling health and wellness blogs has become a popular trend due to their potential for success. By examining some examples of successful blogs that have been sold on the market, we can identify what makes these blogs so valuable to buyers. From offering engaging and informative content to having a strong social media presence, there are several factors that contribute to the success of a health and wellness blog. If you’re interested in buying or selling a content website, it is important to understand what makes a blog stand out and how it can add value to both parties involved. Keep these factors in mind when considering the purchase or sale of a health and wellness blog.

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