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What are the Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs?

What are the Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs?

If you’re graduating soon, the coronavirus pandemic poses some hiring challenges. But there are plenty of entry-level jobs that can be done remotely and afford an excellent foundation to start your career!

Here are 10 entry-level jobs that you can do remotely, according to sites like Remote.co and ZipRecruiter including their average annual salaries: A few of these positions may require a bachelor’s degree or other qualifications so make sure check the job description before applying!

1. Customer Care Advocate

Customer care advocates help customers reach their needs and solve problems. They field requests from all levels of the company, advocacy on behalf of a client if needed to get things resolved quickly for them.

Average national salary: $36,900, according to Salary.com

2. Human Resources Assistant

A human resources assistant is responsible for many administrative tasks in the HR department, including scheduling appointments and orienting new hires. They must also keep company information up to date with changes of personnel or policy updates.

Average national salary: $41,800, according to Indeed

3. Sales Development Representative

A sales development representative is a crucial player in the company’s marketing and sales team. They help teams generate leads by researching prospects, reaching out to them through phone calls or email messages (or both), and following up with custom proposals tailored just for that person’s needs!

Average national salary: $44,600, according to PayScale

4. Accounts Receivable Clerk

An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for bookkeeping duties such as receiving billing information, invoicing clients, and keeping accounting logs up to date with their accuracy. They are also tasked with making deposits into the bank each day so departments can get paid on time!

Average national salary: $49,200, according to Indeed

5. Email Marketing Associate

The email marketing associate is the person who takes a company’s emails from here to there. They manage database growth, campaign creation, and execution and write newsletters for clients so they can stay up-to-date on everything going around in this ever-changing world of technology!

Average national salary: $49,600, according to Salary.com

6. Contact Tracer

Contact tracers are vital in preventing the spread of coronavirus. They collaborate with patients who’ve been infected by identifying anyone they may have come into contact, and guiding to ensure no one else gets exposed as well.

Average national salary: $50,100, according to Indeed

7. Junior Underwriter

Junior Underwriters are the backbone of any financial institution, helping senior underwriters throughout their loan approval process. They review customer applications and evaluate credit reports before determining eligibility for financing while resolving any issues that come up along the way!

Average national salary: $58,400, according to Indeed

8. Quality Assurance Data Engineer

Quality assurance data engineers take on the tech side of product development. They test a company’s software products, follow their progress closely and identify problems with them along the way before it’s too late for someone else to fix – all to provide quality control at every step!

Average national salary: $70,400, according to PayScale

9. Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analysts help identify and fix problems with a company’s IT products. They audit the software, review its user experience, and troubleshoot any issues that arise while testing it out themselves.

Average national salary: $72,800, according to ZipRecruiter

10. Webinar producer

Webinar producers plan digital events for companies such as product launches. They take on duties such as scheduling rehearsals, preparing speakers ahead of time, and managing tech to record the presentation to help make these webinars successful!

Average national salary: $75,700, according to ZipRecruiter

Final Words

If you’re looking for a job, make sure to use sites like FlexJobs or Remote Ok. These offer jobs from all over the world with different company names and locations so it will be easy as pie!

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