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Best AI Video Creation Software

Best AI Video Creation Software

In the age of information, it’s more important than ever to have a video presence. The best AI-driven software can create videos for you that are engaging and professional at an affordable price. This blog post will explore how these tools work and what they’re capable of doing.

Raw Shorts is a video editing software that can create animated videos for you in an instant. Raw Shorts uses artificial intelligence to allow animations and other promotional content creators to make interactive explainer videos and any type of animation needed on social media or websites. After downloading this app, the first thing one needs to do is upload their script, which AI will then scan with precision accuracy before the desired result comes out: A completed project ready for publishing!

You can choose from the available video editing templates and customize your video by adding colors, audio, texts, and transition effects.


  • Easily download, export, and share finished videos on social media platforms.
  • Upload videos, trim clips, and positioning
  • Easy content creation on a web-based platform and publishing studio
  • A range of video templates that is strong and industry-specific
  • Easily add text, media, and transitions to videos

Paid plans start from $39/month.

Designs Videomaker is the perfect option for creating a fantastic video with just a few clicks. This video production tool combines artificial intelligence and high-quality stock content to create stunning videos at lightning-quick speeds.

Designs Videomaker is a video production tool that uses machine learning techniques to make it easier for you. You can create your script and then customize the draft before exporting it in multiple dimensions, saving time with accuracy and ease of use!


  • Daily analysis of your business videos
  • In-depth knowledge of user activities
  • Improves your user experience and videos on any device
  • Track performance of your marketing campaign, content recommendation, marketing action

Paid plans start from $29/month.

Lumen5 is an app that makes it easy to turn your content into video with just a few clicks. Using AI, Lumen5 will create original music visuals and storyboard the entire production for you in seconds! All you need to do is upload an outline of what you want to be captured on film – be as creative or descriptive as possible because Lumen5’s machine learning knows how best to position text based on composition within media files, which include both still images and videos.

Lumen5 is the perfect go-to for quick, polished video content. They have over 10 million videos or pictures to choose from, and they provide branding options like font choices, watermark color, and brand colors so you can make a professional-looking video without any guidance in minutes!


  • Very good at helping videos create unique slide transitions and effects.
  • Easy to use and feature-rich panel supports intuitive features
  • Easy importation of media files
  • Smooth sharing of creatives on social media

Paid plans start from $11/month.

Gliacloud is an AI video editor that converts your word content to stunning and presentable videos. With Gliacloud, you can quickly generate videos from social posts and news content and live sports events or statistical data in real-time.

With the Gliacloud video creation process, uploading is as simple as pasting your content URL in a space provided and then leaving it up to AI. The engine will automatically capture keywords from your script or post into an appropriate tag that you can review before publishing with minor edits if necessary. All of this takes just seconds!


  • It lets you make videos from content effortlessly
  • User-friendly editing package to make videos to your preference
  • Allows material mapping
  • Easily create different versions of the same video for A/B testing.

Paid plans start from $300/month.

Magisto is a video editing platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence to integrate images and videos into well-crafted movies. Magisto can automatically create automated, entertaining, and fun content for any social media channel you desire with just one click – without having to edit each frame manually!

All you need to do is to select the images or videos that you want to transform. Magisto provides the music and themes to make it professional.


  • Ability to make video editing process semi-automatic
  • AI captures the most exciting clips in your video, edits them to perfection, and delivers stunning videos
  • It lets you create, edit and publish videos anytime through the mobile app
  • Supports cross-channel video content distribution and hosting

Paid plans start from $5/month.

Wisecut is the video editing tool that helps you create awesome videos for your followers and subscribers. With Wisecut, a powerful AI automatically creates jump cuts, background music, subtitles, and so much more! This all-inclusive package also identifies long pauses in your speech or recording session to delete them before they have time to register with viewers – making it easy for anyone, whether beginner or pro! Wisecut does 75% of your video editing for you to spend time doing other things.


  • Automatically adjust colors with face detection option
  • Improved audio auto-ducking reduces the volume of the music or effects soundtrack around dialog automatically
  • Automatically adds subtitles from your video
  • Uses AI to blend in jump cuts
  • This tool supports multiple formats

Paid plans start from $57/month.

Recreate is one of the best video editing tools for social media marketing. It uses artificial intelligence to enable you to create stunning videos in minutes! The tool streamlines your life with AI, doing everything from picking out music and visuals, as well as selecting text for captions that will set a mood or tell an emotional story behind your post.

Recreate takes the hassle out of video editing. With Recreate, you can access tons of free resources right in your browser! Free stock images and videos are just a click away with this fantastic tool – there’s no need to spend hours searching for what you want. Make custom-made themes by choosing from different fonts or colors; it’s easy to find one that matches your brand style!


  • Has a responsive interface design for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Integrated workflow makes the work smooth and without any glitch
  • Supports complex VR editing functions
  • Creates videos that are immersive in all aspects

Paid plans start from $20/month.

Wideo is a powerful video editing tool with all the features you need to make stunning videos. With Wideo, anyone can create animated videos and presentations in minutes whether they have any editing skills or not because it’s so easy to use!

Wideo allows you to create professional videos from the comfort of your computer. Simply upload a script or video, and Wideo will use artificial intelligence to produce custom content for social media marketing purposes. You can also choose from pre-existing stock footage in their free library before uploading it directly on Facebook or YouTube with one click! Or, if you need more editing capabilities, save your project by downloading it as an MP4 file at any time.


  • Audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing, and waveform visualization.
  • Up to 32 slots for adding video, images, and more
  • No watermark, easy timeline style video editor
  • Up to 1080p high resolution exports
  • Easy import from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
  • Access to 800k+ stock library of videos, soundtracks, and GIPHY library.

Paid plans start from $19/month.

Vedia is an AI video editor that can vastly reduce the time it takes to create videos – which are often used for marketing purposes. Vedia leverages artificial intelligence, meaning they have made a program with enough human-like qualities to edit your data and text within seconds! This software would be perfect for digital marketers, bloggers, or content creators who want their work completed quickly.

Vedia can help you make engaging videos for your website. It scans and analyzes text, data, links to identify the ideas it needs to create an idea of what is happening in a story. Vedia then finds media assets (images) that correspond with those concepts or words used by our voice narration engine, which will generate something more interesting than just reading off statistics about how much time employees spend on their phones every day!


  • Can auto-generate videos directly from your spreadsheets
  • Supports 4K resolutions
  • Supports popular image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, and more.
  • Customizable templates for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more
  • Awesome extra features like green screen, AI voice over, audio visualizer

Final Words

We hope these reviews have been helpful! If this review was not what you were expecting or want to know more about other options before making your decision, please contact us by clicking here. We would love to hear from you! Which AI video creation software do you use?

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