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Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools

Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools

One of my first pieces of advice for any new website entrepreneur is investing time in setting up an analytics tool. Though many features make these tools invaluable for eCommerce sites, I’ve found the top six best ones below – all worth looking into!

If you want to know how your online business is doing, Kissmetrics has what it takes for an analytics solution. The company offers users powerful information that increases customer acquisition rates and retention levels -helping boost their revenue by giving customers more of what they want!

Metrilo is an analytics platform that comes with not only insights but also marketing tools. You can use it for actionable reports, retention analysis, which will help you understand your customer lifecycle and sends out content at the right time based on these findings. Metrilo is a great tool for eCommerce marketers who want increased insights into their marketing activities and higher conversion rates.

Clicky’s analytics tool is one of its most popular features, and it has several reasons why. The first and foremost reason for this success in user-friendliness comes from the fact that Clicky provides live information to website owners about their site traffic which can’t be found anywhere else!

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a potent analytical tool often used by large ecommerce stores. However, before you go ahead and spend a truckload of money on it, be aware that Adobe requires significant knowledge about their application to set it up properly, which can end up being costly for those who do not have the time or skills needed as this process may take some effort from your side as well depending entirely upon how knowledgeable a user is with regards these types programs.

Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most well-known web analytics tools used by website owners from all corners of the earth. The only drawback? You need to spend a lot of time fine-tuning different features for your reports and data collection activities to be really detailed!

Crazy Egg has some very comprehensive and user-friendly graphs that show the information in a more visually appealing way than most other analytical solutions do, making it better for casual users who want their data displayed without too much complexity or long-form content around results from web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Final Words

The best eCommerce analytics tools will help you understand your customers and optimize their shopping experience. You may even be able to use this data in future marketing efforts, like targeting ads to individuals who have shown interest in a particular product or service on your site. I hope that our list of the top six best eCommerce analytics tools has helped you find one that’s right for your business!

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