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Best WhiteBoard Software for Remote Teams

Best WhiteBoard Software For Remote Teams

A new world order has come upon us, where physical spaces are no longer enough to accomplish our goals. While this may seem like an inconvenience at first glance, technology provides tools for efficiency and remote collaboration that can replace any need in meeting with people face-to-face (or almost).

The whiteboard has not only taken the digital leap, but it’s also an integral part of classrooms and office spaces. The ability to merge visual thinking with teaching and collaboration on technology makes for a perfect pairing that can be used in many different ways – even if you don’t teach Calculus! A product sprint team uses these tools much differently than high school students; we tested dozens online so your business would get precisely what they need (and deserve).

Templates are the backbone of Miro, giving you endless possibilities for your project. There’s a template specifically designed to match any deliverable or presentation need —from UX design and customer mapping through retrospectives with stakeholders at each step in an event process. You can even select more than one style so there’ll never again be anything but blank whiteboards when it comes time to plan out next year’s conference!

Miro is more than just a brainstorming tool. It also includes features to help managers guide the process from ideation through implementation, including monitoring changes made and assigning tasks among team members within the interface for accessible communication.

Stormboard is a sticky-note-style ideation tool that lets you brainstorm and collaborate in real-time. Add your ideas to any board, whether big picture or niche topics – Stormboard will house them all!

Stormboard is a game-changer for any brainstorming or collaborative meeting. It solves one of the significant problems in these types of meetings: saving each iteration so that it’s easy to review and revise moving forward. To organize, drag your notes around on StormBoard with your mouse-mates to vote yes/no (or maybe) discuss ideas while collaborating through text messages – no more emails!

The MURAL canvas can house multiple whiteboard areas, similar to Photoshop artboards. You can shift and resize the space as needed on each board without any restrictions or templates imposed by default – creating an aesthetically pleasing design for your office walls!

MURAL is a whiteboard tool with robust security features to help you keep your team organized. You can create different “rooms” for each project or permissions-based groups within one room that allow users full access depending on their role in the organization’s hierarchy.

If you’re used to having a physical whiteboard for your presentations and brainstorming sessions but are hesitant about going digital all-in because of the lack of experience with novel technologies like this, one might lean toward Limnu. It feels so much like an actual chalkboard that it’s hard not to have those markers smell good as they write on them!

But Limnu does a lot more than give realistic marker drawings: it also includes collaboration features that make the jump to teaching online feel much more straightforward. To invite others to view your board, click on the share icon and copy/paste the link. You can even limit their permissions to view-only if you want.

InVision Freehand allows designers to sync their Sketch and Photoshop files. With this tool, you can quickly get real-time feedback from teammates or stakeholders when collaborating on designs!

Each logged-in user appears as an icon at the top right corner of a whiteboard accompanied by dots indicating colors for different types of markup such as text inputs or uploading new images altogether simple clicks away through its toolbar interface that provides access to everything one needs without having too many open programs simultaneously.

InVision Freehand offers great opportunities during design meetings and outside them since it makes syncing between various platforms seamless across both desktop computers.

With the Present option enabled, all of your collaborators on a board can see what you’re drawing while keeping their focus away from it. The downside? Freehand doesn’t include any group chat tools or audio/visual communication capabilities outside drawing boards with this setting active, so when people are collaborating simultaneously in real-time using only text-based comments to communicate between themselves (and not through preprogrammed sounds), then no other apps will do for them!

One way to improve brainstorming and presentations is by using Conceptboard. The whiteboard always starts as a blank slate, but you can add templates or commentaries that make it easier for your ideas to cross-reference because they are both on the same page with customer journey mapping in tow! Collaboration with team members is made easy through chat, board comments, a task system, and even a conference call option. 

When it’s time to present the finalized results of your ideation, you can add sections to the whiteboard. Clicking on a given section in the sidebar automatically moves you to that part of the board so that you can jump through a large or complex drawing with ease. Sections can also be exported individually as images or as a group in PDF format, so you can save or share them outside of the app.

As a whiteboard, Explain Everything lets you draw and add text to upload files with some basic shapes. However, it also offers video recording capabilities that allow users to create their videos by themselves or collaborate in real time through its live function – perfect for classrooms who want an interactive learning environment!

Collaboration tools are also built in, so you can invite team members or students to view or edit the board, and converse with them over audio while you’re working together.

Final Words

There are many different online whiteboarding tools you can choose from, depending on your needs. What is essential to consider when selecting one over another? How central the whiteboarding process is for the company and what features they need to get work done more effectively throughout their organization; if collaboration with other team members will occur during meetings or just while collaborating within themselves (sitting side by side).

Of course, it’s possible that you’ll end up using more than one online whiteboard: one for your design team, one for multi-department team meetings, and one for formal presentations. The important thing is to pick a tool that lets you stay focused on keeping clear communication and collaboration at the heart of your work.

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