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Best Digital Nomad Retreats

Best Digital Nomad Retreats

I have been looking for the best Digital Nomad retreats in the world and found a few very interesting events happening in 2022. My plan is to join a Nomad Retreat later in the year so I started looking online at what is out there.
What I look for is not just the speakers (but I would want to hear from people who have done what I would like to do in business), but also the networking opportunities, collaboration, fun events & time to just hang out and chat with like minded online business owners.

Here is a list of the best nomad retreats / co-working retreats coming up this year. If you are hosting a Digital Nomad Retreat or a Co-Working Blogger event and want to be included then please reach out to let us know.

🌍 What is a Co-Working retreat?

A co-working retreat is a place for people to come together, hang out, have fun and get some work done. The idea is to mix fun, business and collaborations. A good co-working retreat will have structure, a plan for events and be mindful to ensure the atendees have a good time, plenty of learning and leave refreshed with a new level of motivation and encouragement for their business.

βœ… WorkWanderers – Best Digital Nomad Retreats

Work wanderers retrerats are run by Andrae Smith. She is a Remote Work & Digital Nomad Coach and runs courses and retreats on how to become a freelancer or start a Digital Nomad Career. She has plans to run a few retreats this year in Tuscany, Croatia, Cape Town and in Bali in 2023.
You can sign up for her waitlist here https://www.workwanderers.com/retreats/

βœ… Nomadbase – Digital Nomad Retreats

Nomadbase have a well polished business including digital nomad retreats, an active online community and online training programs. Their events look like a lot of fun with plenty of co-working mixed in with fun and activities. Teh video above is from their recent Digital Nomad event in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The next retreats is in Africa in Nov 2022. You can learn more here.

βœ… Bansko Nomad Fest – Digital Nomad Conference

Over the last 5 years Bansko in Bulgaria has grown into a major digital nomad hub in Europe.Β Coworking BanskoΒ is the epicenter of the community there and has about 100-150 members throughout the year. A lot of nomads turned into Bansko residents and many members are coming back to Bansko after exploring the world due to its weather, activities and cost of living. Bansko Nomad Fest compresses of one week where they showcase everything Bansko has to offer and share this experience with hundreds of new friends.

Interested in learning more? Listen to my Podcast Episode with Co-Working Bansko Owner here

βœ… 7in7 Conferences

7in7 set out with an ambitious mission to create 7 Digital Nomad Confrences in 7 Countries over 7 years to spread the word about becoming a Digital Nomad. They have had a conference in

7in7 Year Four Recap from 7in7 Co. on Vimeo.

βœ… Affiliate World Europe

This may not be the #1 conference that comes to mind whan you think of a Digital Nomad conference but hear me out! I went to the Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona to learn more about eCommerce, Paid media buying & being an affiliate marketer. The calabire of speakers was impressive and the combination of weather, location, people and mixers made it a really good conference to me.

I bumped into Ezra Firestone while at Affiliate World in Barcelona in 2019. We ended up having dinner in his hotel with a few other online business owners and Ezra’s team which was a lot of fun.

I met Email Marketing Agency Owners, Dropshippers, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Paid Ads Exprets, facebook Ads Experts, Youtube Ads agency owners. Honestly – it was a really good conference. Thankfully, if you can not attend you can watch the speakers talks on the Affiliate World Youtube Channel, but of course the best part is the beach-side after drinks, dinners etc.

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